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Samsung introduces new display solutions

Samsung, a popular brand in the electronics genre, has introduced new Display Solutions. According to Sanjay Sharma, Vice-President IT division, "Our R&D based out of Noida for global displays, provided us with information on India-specific needs of the end-users. Using that information, we have come out with a six-split display screen. It can run six applications simultaneously, which helps users multi-task in a much more organized manner. This product will help users in creating a multi-user environment. Our monitors work with the windows, and they take that application into a multiple screen. This product also allows one CPU to work for two-three monitors. So, I can connect my PC to three more and everyone can view the four applications working on my computer. Also we are going to launch new LED monitors with color correction tool, which will help in getting better colors at your monitor screens."

Conventional LCD monitors use CCFL backlighting which is not color corrected. It has color limitation and can stretch a maximum to sRGB color space. CCFL cannot show CMYK color space, a must for the print industry. LED monitors have LEDs in the backlight so their color space is way higher than CCFL-lit LCDs. They can produce purer colors - especially white appears much more white in an LED monitor.

Samsung will also launch a video projector, the A800, which will have a 24 frame per second quality and a full high definition 1920x1080. "It is targeted at the HNI segment that wants a large screen theatre at home. It is also ideal for film industry professional jobs, such as post production and private screening arrangements," said Manu Nanda, Head - Sales Corporate Business, Samsung India. "For these products we are looking at large professional system integrators, like display managers only. It is hi-tech machinery and we want professionals for this job, who understand how to handle such products."

"We are also planning to sell directly to corporates like KFC, where the screen will be used for displaying the menu and can be used to advertise other products as well. Similarly, other restaurants, hotels, airports, malls and big corporates will also be targeted directly by us." added Nanda.