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Apple iPhone is dominant mobile dev platform

Apple's iPhone is a heart-throb among mobile application developers, at least this is how it seems.

DeviceAnywhere has confirmed that its iPhone testing platform has become the most popular of the 1,500 different mobile handsets it offers developers for testing.

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DeviceAnywhere is a unique service that allows developers to access real handsets, on live worldwide networks, remotely over the internet, meeting all development, porting, testing, and monitoring needs.

The testing system lets developers test every feature of their application remotely, and manages to enable such features as tapping on touch screens, viewing the LCD, listening to ringers and speakers, connecting to the internet and even rotating the device.

When the store was announced in March, DeviceAnywhere, the leading provider of testing, monitoring and support solutions for the mobile industry, immediately saw an unprecedented rise in the amount of hours developers spent testing iPhone applications on their service.

Developers logged over 1,100 hours on DeviceAnywhere's iPhone handsets to ready their applications for the launch of the Apple Apps store in just three months. This made the iPhone testing platform the most popular of over 1,500 handsets available, DeviceAnywhere explained.

"Although developers have access to a free iPhone simulator via the iPhone SDK, our customers realize that there is a huge difference between emulation and a real handset," said Faraz Syed, CEO of DeviceAnywhere. "By testing their applications on a real iPhone, developers were able to ensure that the product available on the day of the Apple Apps store launch would run exactly how they expected it to and had no last minute surprises."

The five most popular handsets accessed on the DeviceAnywhere service for testing and monitoring of their applications over the past three months have been:

1. iPhone -- 1155 hours

2. Blackberry Pearl -- 1050 hours

3. Nokia N75 -- 1006 hours

4. Blackberry Curve -- 871 hours

5. Motorola V3m -- 609 hours