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UK broadband prices fall 60% in 18 months

U.K. broadband price drops show no sign of abating, despite the credit crunch, according Top 10 Broadband.

The broadband comparison site said high-speed internet is the only household 'utility bill' to buck the trend of rising household bills, claiming the cost of broadband has fallen 60 percent over the past 18 months. Gas and electricity bills have increased by 15 percent over the same period, the company claims.

"Rampant competition among ISPs is driving the broadband market to cut the cost and raise the speed of home broadband packages," said Top 10 Broadband spokesperson Jessica McArdle. "If you signed an 18 month contract in January 2007, the average deal would have cost £13.73 a month, if you were to switch from this package now you would be looking at offers starting at just £3.25 a month -- the opportunity for savings is obvious and people need to consider switching broadband provider if they are over-paying."

Top 10 Broadband said the emergence of mobile broadband is also helping Web users cut costs.

"Despite being more expensive per Gb of download, [mobile broadband] may work out cheaper than home broadband as it removes the need to have BT line rental at home. Starting at just £10 a month it ticks all the boxes during this credit crunch. The saving of £131 a year in landline charges makes this a particularly enticing prospect as belts tighten."