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Adobe Reader 9 is available now

Adobe has introduced Adobe Reader 9, ushering in new features for the PDF-reading application.

Chief among the new features is the capacity to access a range of new Adobe services, such as sharing and storing for PDF documents through the company's online service. Adobe Reader 9 can natively display rich media content.

Adobe Reader 9 also enables users to create up to five PDF files, to collaborate on documents and screensharing. Additional features include more secure document workflows, a simpler user interface, the ability to search single or multiple PDF files, and the chance to complete forms online and offline.

CAD and geospatial functionality have been greatly enhanced in Adobe Reader 9. For instance, CAD designs or geospatial maps that have been converted to PDF offer Adobe Reader users access to CAD features, such as dimensions, or map features, such as longitude and latitude, for powerful collaboration and interaction.