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D-Link takes top spot in draft 802.11N

D-Link is the leader in Draft 802.11n Wi-Fi product shipments worldwide, showing significant growth in Q4 2007 and surpassing nearest competitors Linksys and Belkin, according to leading analyst firm In-Stat.

D-Link claimed the top spot with 584,000 Draft 802.11n units shipped worldwide in the fourth quarter of 2007, claiming 33 percent of the market share, followed by Linksys at 28.4 percent, Belkin with 17 percent and NETGEAR at 13.2 percent, according to the In-Stat WLAN market share report*.

"D-Link has emerged as the leader in shipping Draft 802.11n products, a clear indication that the market is confident with the technology that it has to offer," said Norm Bogen, director of networking with In-Stat, a leading research firm serving the computer and networking industries. "Despite the fact that 802.11n is still in the draft phase, the market has clearly adopted the technology as sales worldwide are increasing steadily with more and more users enjoying the increased speeds and range that the Draft 11n products deliver to home and small business networks."

The new generation wireless local area network (WLAN) technology, Draft 802.11n offers dramatic improvement in data throughput and improvement in useful range over legacy 802.11b and 11g equipment. In the home, draft 802.11n provides triple play coverage including video distribution through a typical house to multiple TV sets. In the enterprise/office environment, draft 802.11n is capable of supporting mission-critical applications with throughput, Quality of Service (QoS) and security rivaling wired connections.

"Draft 802.11n represents the next generation of high-speed wireless solutions, offering substantially improved reliability, faster application data throughput and wider coverage than its predecessors to support the most demanding applications such as online multimedia gaming and HD streaming throughout the home," said Jayesh Kotak, Vice President, Product Development, D-Link India Ltd. "We're pleased that the market is embracing our line of 11n products, and we'll continue to develop robust solutions based on this standard for both the digital home and business environment."

Popular D-Link Draft 802.11n product lines include the Wireless N, RangeBooster N® and Xtreme N™ Gigabit family of routers, adapters and accessories. D-Link also makes a Draft 802.11n router designed specifically for the gaming industry, the Xtreme N Gaming Router (DGL-4500), which analyzes traffic on the network to automatically give priority to online gaming applications.