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NetIQ revs up systems management software

NetIQ this week announced it had upgraded its flagship systems and application management software to offer IT managers more automated features and better control over distributed IT assets.

AppManager 7, the company's first release since Attachmate acquired NetIQ , includes features that automate the discovery of systems and applications as well as the deployment of software agents to monitor them. The software, which NetIQ unveiled at Microsoft Management Summit, also provides a means to measure user experience with Web-based applications or Windows workstation clients.

The enhancements to AppManager also now provide IT managers with tools to manage Windows, Unix and Linux systems as well as newer technologies such as VMware ESX server, Microsoft SharePoint and Exchange Server 2007, Oracle Grid Computing, and Cisco or Nortel IP telephony products. The diverse platform support will help companies adopt new technologies without having to find new tools to manage them, NetIQ says.

"Customers want automation to keep pace with changes on machines and visibility across their entire enterprise," says Chris Pick, vice president of products and marketing at NetIQ. "Customers want to be able to rapidly adopt new technologies without having to rip and replace their current monitoring tools."

For instance, AppManager 7 includes tools to help customers map services across disparate IT components to model services and manage their performance. The company says the automated detection of platforms and applications will help IT managers keep up with ongoing changes in their environments and enable a services view of IT elements.

NetIQ says AppManager 7 competes directly with Microsoft's news this week around its System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) 2007 , which is scheduled to ship next week. NetIQ also competes with systems management products from BMC Software, CA, HP and IBM.

AppManager 7 costs US$600 per Windows server.