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Building New Zealand's IT map

  • Kate Palmer (New Zealand Reseller News)
  • 07 September, 2005 03:53

IT companies are being urged to take part in a sector-wide survey to help map New Zealand's industry.

The project is a collaborative effort between New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, Microsoft New Zealand and the Higrowth Project and aims to attract responses from over 150 companies spanning telcos, IT services, hardware and electronics manufacturers.

Research analyst group IDC will be conducting the project and country manager Graeme Muller believes the results will help propel the sector and economy forward in coming years.

"This hasn't been done in New Zealand before so the more people that get involved the better. Results will be used to profile the industry, including specific growth areas, and give it back to the IT community," he says.

Muller says his analyst team will conduct interviews in combination with phone interviews and online surveys.

He expects the results to be available by year-end and says IT companies can use the information to look at the area of market they play in and identify potential growth opportunities in vertical markets.

"Or, if the plan is to go offshore, they can see what type of businesses have been successful and where. The angle is to help our companies get offshore."

Ross Peat, Microsoft NZ managing director, says the project represents an opportunity to benchmark the current economic impact of the ICT sector as well as identify its future potential as an economic driver.

The project has three key outcomes: to provide a map of the funding sources available to ICT companies, a map of industry organizations and a landscape map of the industry - identifying horizontal and vertical markets.