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Symantec to acquire compliance vendor Sygate

Symantec plans to acquire security software vendor Sygate Technologies.

Symantec has agreed to acquire Sygate Technologies, a security software company that sells software designed to enforce network security policies in the enterprise.

By acquiring the privately held company, Symantec hopes to flesh out its enterprise security products, said Brian Foster, a senior director of product management with Symantec.

Of particular interest is the Sygate software's ability to ensure that a variety of devices on the network comply with corporate security policy, he said. "One of the primary reasons that we're acquiring Sygate is for their end-point compliance capability," he said.

Symantec plans to integrate Sygate's Enterprise Protection product, which includes a firewall and intrusion prevention software, into its Symantec Client Security product, Foster said.

Other Sygate software, including the company's On-Demand security software will continue to be sold as stand-alone offerings he said.

Terms of the deal, which was announced Tuesday, were not disclosed. Foster said that Symantec expects to acquire the nearly 200 person company as soon as it meets with regulatory approval.