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BakBone strengthens its global Linux advantage

BakBone Software, a global provider of data protection software, has unveiled Linux Advantage, a worldwide initiative aimed to support Linux distributors.

Working closely with Linux Advantage partners, BakBone is designed to guarantee that NetVault, the company's backup and recovery software, is certified on each of the partners' Linux distributions, providing customers with robust protection of their business-critical data.

"Customers are looking to Linux as a platform for database and application needs - and, increasingly, these are becoming more mission-critical," says Sean Jackson, marketing manager, EMEA at BakBone Software.

"One of the obstacles to Linux adoption in the enterprise data center has been the concern about sacrificing data protection strategies with open systems. BakBone's support for the distributions of each Linux Advantage partner will enable their Linux customers to aggressively accelerate their adoption plans of the Open Source technology.

"Customers can now confidently deploy a highly available, scalable and performance-driven Linux infrastructure with the same level of data protection that they are familiar with in other operating systems like Unix and Windows."

Reinforcing the industry's broadest support for platforms and applications in heterogeneous environments, BakBone's data protection commitment aims to allow it to work with each partner's respective technical, engineering and development teams, enabling customers to confidently integrate Linux into the enterprise for their mission-critical applications.

With this move, BakBone is now said to support more Linux-based database applications and versions than any other company and sets the stage for broadening its data protection guarantee to Linux Advantage's future enterprise application partners.