Reseller News Innovation Awards 2021: and the winners are…

Reseller News Innovation Awards 2021: and the winners are…

More than 600 attendees came together under the Reseller News roof in Auckland to set the industry benchmark for ecosystem innovation and excellence across New Zealand #InnovationAwards

Credit: Reseller News


Tech Innovation recognises partners leveraging established and emerging solutions to enhance customer innovation levels, underpinned by deep levels of expertise and specialist services.

-- presented by David Hook - Managing Director, IBM


  • CCL
  • Consegna
  • Datacom
  • Digital Island
  • Enlighten Designs
  • Lancom Technology
  • Lexel Systems
  • OSS Group
  • Parallo 
  • SecureCom
  • Spark
  • The Instillery

Highly commended: Lancom Technology 

Winner: Consegna

Consegna wins this award for migrating the core IT systems of its public sector customer to Amazon Web Services (AWS). With every application migration, Consegna worked with the project lead to ensure the customer’s developers knew how to set up and maintain the AWS services on their own. Now, thanks to Consegna’s efforts and AWS, the customer can support 1,800 remote users connecting concurrently.


  • Advantage
  • Cybersmart
  • InPhysec 
  • Kordia SecOps
  • Lexel Systems
  • Mindshift
  • Network for Learning
  • PwC
  • SecureCom

Winner: Kordia SecOps

Kordia SecOps wins this award for the introduction of its new SecOps Continuous Assurance service, a rolling 12-month programme designed to improve a client’s security posture by assessing the resiliency of the customer organisation’s cyber security controls. This high value service has resulted in a significant improvement in Kordia SecOps’ clients’ defence levels.

Digital Transformation:

  • CCL
  • ClearPoint
  • Company-X & Road Efficiency Group
  • Consegna
  • Datacom
  • Deloitte
  • Digital Island
  • Friday Solutions
  • Lexel Systems
  • Softsource
  • The Instillery
  • UiRevolution

Winner: Deloitte

Deloitte wins this award for the work it undertook with its customer in the waste management sector to build a custom application on ServiceNow allowing chemists, forklift drivers and site operators to scan in waste, and track testing and movement of items from dispatch through to testing, storage and destruction. The solution has led to significant benefits through improved safety, efficiency and visibility.


  • Datacom
  • Spacetime AI
  • Spark

Winner: Spacetime AI

Spacetime AI wins this award for an AI-based solution it developed for its client in the beverage retail sector to help digitise and scale the great customer experience the beverage retailer and its team deliver to customers in-store. This solution led to a series of subsequent solutions aimed at helping to solve an array of business problems, with the new AI-based technology resulting in substantial growth.

Homegrown ISV:

  • Antenno (Datacom)
  • UiRevolution

Winner: UiRevolution

UiRevolution wins this award for work it has undertaken with a large customer in the infrastructure construction and roadworks sector, helping to design and develop more than 20 applications on top of the client’s Salesforce instance. This has been possible largely due to a clever architecture using Salesforce and settling on a single Apple iOS device platform.


NZ-wide Innovation recognises partners delivering customer innovation headquartered outside of the two most-populated metropolitan areas in the country. This partner is a market-leading specialist which thrives in challenging end-user environments, sparking new ideas and outcomes through an unconventional approach to technology consulting and implementation. Note: This award is open to partners headquartered outside of Auckland and Wellington.

-- presented by Alex Teh - CEO, Chillisoft


  • Advantage (Palmerston North, Manawatū-Whanganui)
  • Company-X & Road Efficiency Group (Hamilton, Waikato)
  • Enlighten Designs (Hamilton, Waikato)
  • ModuSense (Hamilton, Waikato)
  • vBridge (Christchurch, Canterbury)
  • vGRID (Hamilton, Waikato)

Highly commended: Enlighten Designs

Winner: Advantage (Palmerston North, Manawatū-Whanganui)

Advantage wins this award for its work installing, deploying and managing services for the cyber transformation project of a major tertiary institution in Fiji. The solution, which was deployed entirely remotely due to COVID-19 restrictions, incorporated a complete edge and firewall protection refresh, an endpoint protection upgrade, user security awareness training, identity management and more.


  • Cybersmart (Tauranga, Bay of Plenty)
  • vBridge (Christchurch, Canterbury)

Winner: vBridge (Christchurch, Canterbury)

VBridge wins this award for the delivery of new CCTV and storage technology ‘as-a-service' for a major client in the air travel sector. The solution, developed in collaboration with another partner, can grow and shrink in line with the needs of the customer, and has helped to lay the foundations of the customer’s plans to roll out more enhanced services in the future. 


Start-up Innovation recognises market-leading start-ups building unique businesses to bring innovative new technologies to the New Zealand market. Note: All submissions must be from New Zealand-based start-ups.

-- presented by Justin Tye - Country General Manager, Dicker Data


  • Blacklock Security
  • CyberGrape
  • ZenContract

Winner: Blacklock Security

Blacklock Security wins this award for the development of its Penetration Testing as Service (PTaaS) offering, which enables businesses to perform penetration testing in a flexible, scalable and cost-effective manner. With its cloud-hosted platform, Blackrock Security automates several stages of the traditional penetration testing cycle. 


  • Delta Insights
  • Consegna

Winner: Delta Insights

Delta Insights wins this award for its implementation of Power Platform and a Dynamics 365-based case management for its customer in the disability support sector, with the digital transformation resulting in a significant increase in efficiency and better client experience, as the customer was able to focus on delivering its services to those in need instead of battling with outdated manual processes.

Customer Value:

  • Spacetime AI
  • Consegna
  • Cybersmart
  • Mindshift

Winner: Mindshift

Mindshift wins this award for leading the way in transitioning local companies to think about security training and education beyond the use of only software that simulates phishing campaigns. By developing bespoke educational e-learning, videos and content with customers, Mindshift is enabling companies to plan, create and deliver ongoing guidance about security that will stand the test of time.


  • Melonie Cole - Mindshift
  • Ankita Dhakar - Security Lit
  • Alex Bartley Catt - Spacetime AI
  • Greg Sharp - ZenContract

Winner: Ankita Dhakar – Security Lit

With a vision to help small- and medium-sized businesses while raising awareness of, and combatting, cybercrime, Ankita founded cyber security company Security Lit in the midst of the global pandemic. Through Security Lit, Ankita provides a range of cyber security services, including vulnerabilities assessment, incident response planning, IT security compliance, training and education. 


Vendor Innovation recognises vendors helping partners deliver transformative solutions and services to customers, operating market-leading approaches to engagement and enablement across the key technology segments of Cloud, Security, Hardware, Software, Networking and Specialist.

-- presented by Jason Langley - Managing Director, Ingram Micro


  • Kong
  • Microsoft
  • Salesforce
  • Veeam Software
  • vGRID
  • VMware

Highly commended: VMware

Winner: Microsoft


  • Armis 
  • Attivo Networks
  • Claroty
  • Cloudflare
  • ESET
  • ExtraHop
  • LogRhythm
  • Microsoft
  • Palo Alto Networks
  • SentinelOne
  • Sophos
  • WatchGuard Technologies 
  • Zscaler

Highly commended: Zscaler 

Winner: Palo Alto Networks


  • Dell Technologies 
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • HP
  • Juniper Networks
  • Lenovo
  • Microsoft
  • Poly

Highly commended: Poly

Winner: HP


  • Cisco
  • Cloudian
  • Datto 
  • Salesforce
  • ManageEngine
  • Veeam Software
  • VMware

Highly commended: Veeam Software 

Winner: Datto


  • Cisco
  • CommScope

Winner: Cisco


  • 3CX
  • Access4
  • MaxContact
  • Mulesoft, a Salesforce company
  • Schneider Electric
  • StorageCraft, an Arcserve company

Highly commended: Schneider Electric

Winner: Mulesoft, a Salesforce company


Distributor Innovation recognises distributors spearheading ecosystem innovation and growth through transformative approaches to vendor engagement and partner enablement, spanning the core categories of Hardware, Software, Specialist, Incubation and Creativity.

-- presented by Craig Murphy - General Manager of Channel, Hewlett Packard Enterprise


  • Dicker Data 
  • Ingram Micro
  • Sektor
  • Westcon-Comstor

Winner: Ingram Micro


  • Dicker Data 
  • Ingram Micro
  • Nextgen Group
  • Rhipe 
  • Umbrellar
  • Westcon-Comstor

Winner: Westcon-Comstor


  • Chillisoft
  • Duo, a division of Sektor
  • Exclusive Networks
  • Ingram Micro
  • Nextgen Group

Winner: Duo, a division of Sektor


  • Chillisoft
  • Ingram Micro
  • Westcon-Comstor

Winner: Chillisoft


  • Chillisoft
  • Dicker Data 
  • Exclusive Networks
  • Ingram Micro
  • Nextgen Group
  • Umbrellar
  • Westcon-Comstor

Highly commended: Westcon-Comstor

Winner: Exclusive Networks 


Personal Innovation recognises standout individuals who contribute to customer, company and channel success through a transformative approach to management, channel, sales, technical and marketing positions.

-- presented by Garrett Heraty, Managing Director of New Zealand and The Pacific Islands, Cisco

Channel Excellence:

  • Mark Graham - Duo, a division of Sektor
  • Jaynean Leaupepe - F5 Networks
  • Craig Murphy - Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Annette Thomsen - HP
  • Steve Hornblow - Microsoft
  • Vasely Sapunov - Palo Alto Networks
  • Megan Twentyman - Soft Solutions
  • Chad Kelly - Veeam Software
  • Jonty Segal - VMware
  • Carl Hawke - Westcon-Comstor

Highly commended: Mark Graham - Duo, a division of Sektor

Winner: Chad Kelly - Veeam Software

Since joining Veeam in 2019, Chad has a proven track record in leading the recruitment and development of the company’s partnerships with key cloud and service providers in New Zealand. Chad is always looking for new ways a partner can use Veeam to broaden their services and expand their business. As a result, partners competitively differentiate from other industry players.

Technical Excellence:

  • Josh Hobbs - CCL
  • Nigel McLellan - Datacom
  • Paul Caldwell - Dicker Data 
  • Hussein Elrakhawy - Duo, a division of Sektor 
  • Matt Green -  EMRGE, a division of Kordia
  • Etuate Cocker - Exclusive Networks
  • Kris Stacey - Hewlett Packard Enterprise 
  • Thomas Kohlenbach - Nintex
  • James Brookbanks - Parallo
  • Tony Cosma - Sophos
  • Andreas Koutris - Veeam Software
  • Antony Nicholson - Westcon-Comstor

Highly commended: James Brookbanks - Parallo

Winner: Josh Hobbs - CCL

Josh leads a team of developers, engineers and computer scientists to help clients exploit AI, automation and other pioneering technologies to deliver business value. Spearheading an innovation practice that is part of Leaven, a business unit of CCL, Josh possesses a creative approach that is driven by customer needs and follows a process of ruthless investigation to understand business challenges. 

Marketing Excellence:

  • Aimee Jones - Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Jessica Rangi - HP
  • Linda McConnell - Intergen 
  • Pip Simeon - Microsoft
  • Nicky Luis - Spark

Winner: Jessica Rangi - HP

Jessica saw an opportunity for HP to tell its impressive technology story by partnering with one of the most innovative sports teams in the world, Emirates Team New Zealand, during the 36th America’s Cup. Jessica played a key role in getting the wider HP team to buy into the campaign, effectively demonstrating the core reasons why the sponsorship opportunity was so relevant to HP at a local level. 

Sales Excellence:

  • Tejas Mokashi - Amazon Web Services
  • Samantha Borg - Datto
  • Matt Geluk-Rowe - Duo, a division of Sektor 
  • Tom Fraser - Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Matthew McLay - Spark

Highly commended: Tom Fraser - Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Winner: Samantha Borg - Datto

Preferring to lead by example, Samantha Borg is at the centre of many of Datto’s NZ sales enablement initiatives, including lunch and learns, webinars, daily debriefs and more to help fine-tune the sales processes and go-to-market messaging. Sam is relentless, empathetic and communicative leader that always puts the needs and best interests of partners and end-users first. 

Management Excellence:

  • Andrew Fox - Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company
  • Justin Sharrocks - Base2
  • Leon Sheehan - Digital Island
  • Scott Leman - HP
  • Kaye Harding - Microsoft
  • Lynne Jeffery - Nextgen Distribution
  • Nicole Schaefer - Parallo
  • Chris New - SecureCom
  • Chris Fitzgerald - Soft Solutions
  • Tony Frost - Westcon-Comstor

Highly commended: Andrew Fox - Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company

Winner: Tony Frost - Westcon-Comstor

There have been several significant projects during Tony Frost’s tenure with Westcon-Comstor in which he has taken on the lead role, often stepping outside of his primary finance remit and into operational or commercial delivery. One such high impact project was the company’s SAP integration, in which Tony played a pivotal role across APAC and New Zealand, where the project was deemed most successful. 


Hall of Fame represents the highest level of peer recognition in the Kiwi technology industry / channel. Launched in 2015, Hall of Fame recognises the influence and significance of individual contribution to the health of the ecosystem -- determined by an executive panel of industry judges and previous Hall of Fame inductees.

-- presented by Dave Rosenberg (Managing Director, Westcon-Comstor) and Ken Lord (Country Manager, Juniper Networks)

Hall of Fame Inductee: Richard Morgan

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