Kiwibank's big bet on ServiceNow pays off during the pandemic

Kiwibank's big bet on ServiceNow pays off during the pandemic

A decision to invest in ServiceNow is proving prescient in the age of COVID-19.

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After enjoying early success with ServiceNow's core capabilities, Kiwibank two years ago opted to buy the lot through an enterprise licence.

The bank, which spans 400 locations, began its journey with ServiceNow a year earlier, using the digital workflow and operations platform for IT service management and ITIL. 

It saw improvements arrive quickly in the form of better employee engagement and collaboration as well as traceability and reporting, said Kaye Maclean, Kiwibank's ServiceNow platform and product owner, speaking at the software vendor's Knowledge 2021 conference last week.

Given that, the bank began asking itself what a broader success would look like.

"In 2019, we went through a business case process and worked with ServiceNow and decided the best path for us was to look at an enterprise licence," Maclean said.

"That basically entitled Kiwibank to all of the capabilities of the platform and all those applications that provide that."

It was a prescient decision, given the pandemic environment the bank would have to tackle the following year.

Part of the business case for the investment was built on the platform's ability to support a wider ecosystem.

"That included establishing a really robust operating model, governance and adoption models to ensure it wasn't just about implementation, but about the sustainability of that success," Maclean said.

Having paid for the licence, the bank now wanted to move at velocity to get the most out of it. Kiwibank identified over 700 processes to be digitised.

"Obviously we wanted to run multiple streams of work in parallel, which we did," Maclean said. 

Kiwibank adopted an iterative rollout cycle, using agile and starting with minimum viable products (MVPs).

"We looked at our business, we took into account the process maturity across our business areas, the capability and the capacity for change within our different business areas," Maclean said.

"It's slightly different from when you roll out one or two applications. It's not just a case of scaling up what you did when you rolled out ITSM. 

"There are some real challenges when you are doing it across the entire platform because you have such diverse stakeholders and such diverse problems."

To build momentum and buy-in, customer service management (CSM) was targeted as a primary deliverable because it was where the most measurable benefit could be achieved quickly.

That, in turn, created enthusiastic champions in the business who embraced the platform.

Part of the enterprise operations team even created their own teams to focus on process review, designing digital forms and finally workflows within their businesses, not just across the broader project.

Maclean said ServiceNow delivered a single pane of glass through which to view the complexity of the bank's operations. It was the glue that held the platforms together, through strong integration capabilities.

The bank really needed workflows across multiple systems, even specialised ones, to improve the customer and employee experience, .

"That's really where we see the power of the platform," Maclean said. "If we take it beyond that, because we have an enterprise licence and access to all that capability, we are really driving something beyond just CSM applications. 

"We are looking at cross platform integration with our common service data model, our ITSM work and certainly with our risk management applications."

That, in turn, provided a 360-degree view of data, the Kiwibank environment and business services with reporting, traceability and performance analytics.

It achieved this by filling the gaps that had been traditionally been pushed out to alternative channels such as SharePoint and ad hoc use of email, spreadsheets and chat. 

"It brings it all together and that's really what we want because that's really where we get that productivity saving." Maclean said.

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