Deloitte and Red Hat speed up payday for Kiwi teachers

Deloitte and Red Hat speed up payday for Kiwi teachers

Tapped by Education Payroll for new payment platform underpinned by RedHat Open Shift.

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Deloitte New Zealand has issued an early payday to New Zealand teachers with the creation of a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform. 

The global systems integrator was tapped by Education Payroll to create a more efficient payroll platform underpinned by an on-premises Red Hat Open Shift 4 infrastructure. 

The migration saw the removal of Education Payroll's paper-based system and the implantation of a digital solution that allows school administrators to submit payslips digitally, review feedback and get feedback on their submissions.  

The Kubernetes container application platform served as a foundation for the platform, named EdPay, ahead of its roll-out to 2,500 schools. 

Education Payroll, which is responsible for paying 99,000 teachers across New Zealand, first went to market for the solution in the middle of 2018.

Once Open Shift was in place, Deloitte deployed Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, an agentless IT automation technology that helps teams manage complex deployments and automate repetitive tasks. 

Education Payroll sought to modernise its payroll system of processing 14,000 handwritten forms from school administrators every two weeks.  

With $5.6 billion per year to pay, the old system was complex, time-consuming manual processing, spanning 14,000 submissions every two weeks.

According to Arlene White, CEO of Education Payroll, the migration required Deloitte to "uplift” its "very old" technology stack in order to increase the stability and the reliability of the payroll.  

"It is such a big expenditure for government and so high risk if we get it wrong," White told Reseller News. "It was a truly future-proofing our operation so that we can continue to deliver." 

According to Red Hat, the new platform saved school administrators weeks of work and employee downtime. 

"The payroll process was not only time-consuming for our staff but also frustrating for school administrators,” said Anna Brodie, head of Technology and Products at Education Payroll. “There was not racking information or visibility into the status or accuracy of a form until after it was processed, and a report was produced. With also having to adjust for leave and allowances, it was difficult for schools to ensure payment was correct.” 

Now, with Red Hat OpenShift as the system foundation for EdPay, Education Payroll plans to continue improving its systems' efficiencies. 

“We will continue to develop new functionality in collaboration with our customers, taking their feedback and iterating until we co-design something that meets their needs,” said Brodie. 

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