STATE3 pumps up product development push

STATE3 pumps up product development push

Pivots to government prospects

Credit: Tero Vesalainen

Indeed, STATE3 is seeing large projects in transformation continuing, a push to consider robotic process automation (RPA) in areas of manual risk and a push to streamline or reduce duplication of solutions within an organisation.  

“This makes sense as, while many of our businesses have moved forward, there is still a requirement to account for every dollar and they are looking to ensure that no stone is left unturned,” Armstrong said. 

This is unsurprising, given the current need in the market for businesses to be prudent while also being able to ensure the delivery of goods and services in a way that customers require.

“I don’t think companies will get away with a complete stop to technology projects and many of our clients are seeing a push to get things completed earlier which is really encouraging,” Amrstrong said. 

With the right technology setting, organisations may actually be able to capitalise on key opportunities going forward, especially in a country as adept at innovation as New Zealand.

“There will be opportunities to take a ‘number 8 wire’ mentality to a challenge that has come from the pandemic whether this is embracing ongoing options to work from home or something more exciting like a total revisioning of areas of their businesses,” Armstrong said.

“Also, New Zealand’s reputation as being a high-quality provider of goods and, moreso, services, and even how we have worked as a team to minimise the impact of COVID-19, really stands us head and shoulders above many other countries at the moment.  

“Our businesses need to capitalise on this spotlight and use it to their advantage to showcase,” she added.

With this in mind, it makes sense that, according to Armstrong, the key attributes of a successful tech provider post-pandemic will be flexibility and creativity. 

Other keys to success revolve around the ability to continue providing remote implementations, support and account management, and for partners to work with clients to ensure that they understand how their markets are changing and how to best support them.

Risk management is another area ripe for opportunity, with many organisations finding themselves with a need to manage risk across all parts of a technology ecosystem.

Moreover, there is a push to understand the ‘cost to serve’ of particular functions or locations, and a need to reduce the number of duplicate technologies.  

“If businesses are needing to scale back to weather the impact of COVID, then they need to understand what the impact will be to technology at a store, location, function or business activity stops,” Armstrong said.

“Likewise, if they are on the acquisition trail to buy a distressed asset or looking to merge a company, then doing a proper technical review needs to be completed, so they know what they are actually buying.  We can help with both ends of that spectrum and many points in between.”

Given these conditions, it is a time for technology providers to step up and provide more value, more support and more insight – not less.  

“New Zealanders reward loyalty from their providers, and for the most part it’s there with some of our middle-sized players,” Armstrong said.

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