Local AWS cloud edge location excites advanced consulting partner Consegna

Local AWS cloud edge location excites advanced consulting partner Consegna

AWS plants infrastructure in NZ to improve cloud access, content delivery and security

John Taylor (Consegna)

John Taylor (Consegna)

Credit: Supplied

Amazon Web Services' (AWS) new cloud edge location in Auckland will provide huge benefits for local businesses and their customers, advanced AWS consulting partner Consegna said yesterday.

Nick Yager, products and consultancy practice director at Consegna, said the move was exciting and would drive down costs, vastly enhance security and reliability, as well as provide improved performance and content delivery.

AWS yesterday announced it had established its two AWS CloudFront content delivery network (CDN) edge locations in Auckland.

That meant New Zealand was now connected to the AWS global infrastructure network of more than 220 points of presence in 87 cities across 44 countries.

John Taylor, Consegna’s founder and managing director, said the newly provisioned NZ CloudFront CDN would integrate seamlessly with all AWS products and services, simplifying the way content and customer experiences were delivered to clients and resulting in superior outcomes.

It also represents an investment AWS is making in New Zealand through people, its partners, technical capability and now in-country infrastructure.

“As an AWS consulting partner, we are thrilled to be able to help local businesses realise the benefits that this investment brings," Taylor said. 

"For Consegna, having already successfully leveraged these CDN capabilities for customers in New Zealand via the Australian AWS region, this new physical presence on our shores is a great real world example of how AWS is backing it’s NZ based partners and enabling cost effective innovation and technical agility at pace for our customers.”

In a LinkedIn interview, director of technology and transformation for the public sector in A/NZ, cited TVNZ as one current user of CloudFront  saying the "time to first bite" was becoming extremely important.

Also, as DDoS attack grow, the defences needed also needed to grow, Elisha said, and they had to grow at the edge.

Consegna has already launched a targeted campaign to facilitate customer migrations to the CloudFront CDN and to help them compete on the global stage.

The locations are priced within CloudFront’s Australia geographic region and will provide end users with as much as a 50 per cent reduction in latency measures, Amazon said.

“The new AWS edge location will help to reduce latency in serving real-time digital content to our customers, such as video, music, web-native shows and notifications, which is particularly good news for New Zealand companies that are scaling their use of AWS to deliver online broadcast services,” said Nick Walton, managing director for AWS’s commercial sector in New Zealand.  

The Auckland edge location will also support AWS Global Accelerator (AGA), which improves the availability and performance of end user’s traffic by using AWS’s global network infrastructure. 

When the internet is congested, AGA’s automatic routing optimisations help keep packet loss, jitter, and latency

"By using AGA, web application firewall and AWS Shield in parallel, customers can set protocols, encryption, and protect against common web threats to ensure compliance to regulatory standards without sacrificing performance," Walton said.

AWS Shield delivers protection from DDoS attacks of the kind that recently disrupted trading on the New Zealand Stock Exchange.

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