Datacom pushes its PaaS into Australia and commercial sectors

Datacom pushes its PaaS into Australia and commercial sectors

Datacom's Ross Delaney says the secret sauce of PaaS was focusing on the customer application

Credit: Datacom

With its platform-as-a-service (PaaS) capability tried and tested in New Zealand government, Datacom is now pushing it out into new markets.

Datacom's associate director of cloud, Ross Delaney, said the company was expanding its PaaS out into the New Zealand commercial market and was in the thick of pushing it into Australia as well.

The secret sauce of PaaS was the ability to focus on the customer's application as opposed to the infrastructure, Delaney told a virtual briefing while accepting a cloud partner of the year award from Red Hat yesterday.

Ross Delaney (Datacom)Credit: Supplied
Ross Delaney (Datacom)

That was "changing the conversation", Delaney said

"We've delivered PaaS but we want to think about the application now. We are trying to change the conversation from the infrastructure and platform to what it means for applications."

A "huge number", over 90 per cent of customers, wanted to modernise their applications, Delaney said, while 81 per cent wanted to embrace multiple clouds.

In response, Datacom was doubling down on what it was doing with Red Hat. 

"It's working incredibly well for us," he said. "We know the technology really well and it's unleashing the ways customers want to embrace cloud."

Red Hat's OpenShift container technology provided a "massive" advantage and enabled customers to embrace new ways of working, Delaney said. 

That shift, to devops and agile, was huge both culturally and because of the way it accelerated the pace of delivery.

"When I'm talking to CEOs, they are wrestling with this," Delaney said. "It's a key pain point: how to move into these models and help balance the cost of operating in the cloud.

"It's all about reducing cost and speeding time to value."

Datacom's recent COVID-19 experience in New Zealand government showed how modernising and containerising critical applications coming under massive demand helped Kiwis get through a really tough time, he said.

It allowed some customers to shift from rigid deployments of new capabilities four times a year to 200 times.

Datacom has worked with a range of government clients on application modernisation projects using Red Hat delivered as a service. Most prominently, Customs used Datacom's Govt.Container PaaS to revitalise its core lagacy CusMod system.

More recently the service provider had been looking at Red Hat's Ansible automation technology, which in some applications speeded tasks that took an entire day to just 10 seconds.

That kind of payback was "pretty special", Delaney said.

"It's really about helping customers embrace any cloud: ours, Azure, AWS, Google you name it."

Red Hat A/NZ channel chief Garry Gray said Datacom had delivered the region's, if not the world's, first infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) solution using Red Hat and then did the same with PaaS.

Describing the company's ten-year partnership with Datacom as "powerful", he said it continued to challenge both companies, culturally as well as technologically.

Neither had taken the other for granted and both pushed how the platform was taken to market, he said.

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