Equinox IT taps Tasktop to unite disparate development platforms

Equinox IT taps Tasktop to unite disparate development platforms

Development environments are fragmented, but Equinox IT is creating a unifying platform over the top

Deane Sloan (Equinox IT)

Deane Sloan (Equinox IT)

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Equinox IT has inked another deal to ramp up its three broad value propositions in business transformation, DevOps and cloud.

The Microsoft Gold partner, which has offices in Wellington and Auckland, is partnering with Vancouver-based Tasktop for value stream management and mastering software at scale.

Tasktop connects, visualises and measures value streams across tools and processes with connector infrastructure and technology, supporting full-fidelity and real-time connectivity to more than 60 Agile, DevOps and IT tools.

The announcement comes on the heels of Equinox IT becoming New Zealand's first GitHub verified partner, and complements its Microsoft DevOps, application development and cloud platform competencies.

Equinox IT co-CEO Deane Sloan said customers had been asking for a cohesive platform to bring disparate best-of-breed-tools together.

"What we've been doing is looking and seeking out relationships that help us, in the case of Tasktop, hang tools together much better and cohesively," he said

"In the case of GitHub, it's so widely used that it's an important part of a lot of DevOps activity that we are involved in."

Sloan said it was about a platform rather than a bunch of tools. It was about building processes out across those tools and having the right platform for the processes people want.

"In an ideal world, customers will come to talk to us about their purpose first," he said. "In the reality we often start with the platform first, especially in that we are experts in quite a lot if stacks."

Those discussions had to be nuanced with their ways of working and processes as well as adoption - the people side.

Co-CEO David Reiss said both Tasktop and GitHub were cloud-based but could also reside on customer premises for organisations that want or need to retain that kind of control.

"When you have people who have particular biases around particular development and DevOps tools and capabilities, organisations will often have piecemeal approaches  to how that is done," Reiss said. 

That works well with those teams when they are only working with each other.

"The second they try and collaborate between different teams or when they want to try and get an organisations wide view of their overall portfolio and manage and measure efficiency and make their ability to deliver faster and more reliable, that's where our approaches come in around people process platform and understanding a holistic view of the tools across the organisation."

Sloan said successful organisations today are running their DevOps, development and support activities across a range of cloud-based platforms such as Microsoft Azure, DevOps, GitHub, Jira and ServiceNow. 

Integration with ServiceNow proved the full end-to-end DevOps story rather than just the development story.

It was often not possible or even desirable to consolidate down to a common set of tools, Sloan said, and that was where Tasktop came in.

"We're thrilled to be working with Tasktop and the partnership enables us to bring together otherwise isolated development teams, processes, tools and information," he said.

"It's a key milestone in our continued commitment to introducing modern DevOps ways of working and better collaboration across teams and tools."

Tasktop’s president and COO, Neelan Choksi, welcomed the new partnership.

"Equinox were some of the early leaders in better ways of working centered around software development in New Zealand," he said. 

"Tasktop is committed to meeting the growing global demand for its value steam management and value stream integration solutions too, and it's a pleasure to have DevOps and cloud experts at Equinox IT on our team and using our products to help organisations in New Zealand improve software development processes to unify teams and tools.”

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