Enterprises ‘struggling’ to scale AI projects

Enterprises ‘struggling’ to scale AI projects

More than half have at least moved beyond proof-of-concepts

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Organisations across the world are still finding it tough to scale artificial intelligence projects throughout their entire enterprise, according to research by Capgemini.

A new report by the systems integrator revealed that only 13 per cent of companies have rolled out multiple artificial intelligence applications across numerous teams.

Almost three-quarters of organisations, which encompass 950 firms with at least one billion dollars in annual revenue, have been unable to deploy a single application if they started before 2019.

However, the report showed some promise for organisations who were just kicking off their AI initiatives, with those moving beyond AI pilots and proof of concepts increasing from 36 per cent to 53 per cent since the SI’s last report in 2017.

Around 13 per cent of those featured had reached at-scale status, rolling out multiple AI applications across numerous teams.

Of those particular companies, 78 per cent claimed to be scaling their AI initiatives at the same pace as before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

Indeed, a fifth of that percentage had actually increased the pace of deployment, the report claimed. 

“However, while progress has been made in moving beyond pilots to deployment, scaling those AI deployments across the enterprise has proven to be tough,” the report added.

Meanwhile, companies leading the way with scaling AI initiatives largely included the life sciences sector, in particular pharmaceuticals.

More than a quarter of these organisations, around 27 per cent, successfully deployed use cases in production and continue to scale, the report said. 

Unsurprisingly, pharma spent 17 per cent of their revenue on research and development and were said to have also made significant AI bets in areas such as drug development, R&D and diagnosis.

Retail was the next highest sector, accounting for 21 per cent of businesses scaling their AI usage. 

“Nine in 10 focused on high complexity use cases, for example, leaving a large, untapped opportunity in low-complexity cases,” the report said. “Today, the industry is at least outperforming some other segments in the number of scale leaders it has.”

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