GitHub unveils native iOS and Android clients

GitHub unveils native iOS and Android clients

Native GitHub mobile client arrives in beta for iOS, with an Android beta to follow ‘soon’

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GitHub is launching native iOS and Android clients for its code-hosting platform. Called GitHub for mobile, the app is immediately available in a beta version for iOS, with a beta for Android to follow shortly. No date has yet been set for a generally available production release.

GitHub for mobile enables users to perform tasks such as sharing feedback on a design discussion or reviewing a few lines of code. The client is not intended to be a replica of on a phone, but to allow users to receive notifications, comment on issues and discussions, and perform simple code reviews and merges when they are away from their computers.

The GitHub for mobile app automatically adapts to every screen size. On the iPad tablet, GitHub for mobile has a larger surface area and thus allows for deeper code reviews and keyboard shortcuts.

More capabilities will be added to the mobile client over time. Previously, GitHub provided a mobile-optimized website but functionality was limited, lacking native device capabilities such as support for swipe gestures and scaling for different resolutions.

GitHub also announced that GitHub Actions and GitHub Packages, formerly GitHub Package Registry, are now generally available. GitHub Actions allow you to automate CI/CD workflows within GitHub, while GitHub Packages allow you to combine source code and packages in one place, with permissions management and billing.

GitHub is also offering GitHub Notifications in a limited public beta. Providing “an inbox-like experience for filtering through work,” GitHub Notifications will be available for and GitHub for mobile. A new search experience planned for GitHub, meanwhile, is intended to provide the “exact results expected” when searching a repo. The capability is in a limited beta stage now.

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