Future tech: NZ government digital lab charts 20-year landscape

Future tech: NZ government digital lab charts 20-year landscape

DIA emerging tech team delivers tool to help understand the future of tech

DIA effort charts the future of technology.

DIA effort charts the future of technology.

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The emerging technology team in the Department of Internal Affairs’ service innovation lab has created a 20-year chart of new and emerging technologies.

The chart is a resource agencies can refer to, with the aim of building a "shared understanding of the incredibly complex environment we will soon all, in varying degrees, have to engage with", said emerging tech lead Hazel Bradshaw.

“Our particular lens is on the emerging technologies that enable digital public services," Bradshaw said in a post. "In this case, we are seeking to provide advice and guidance across government on the digital landscape of emerging technology."

The chart contains four rows representing periods of time, from top to bottom in five-year increments. Each illustrates how far in the future the technology is expected to become commonly used.

From left to right, there are 13 columns labelled with categories of emergent technology: cloud computing, big data/analytics, encryption/privacy, internet of things, spatial computing, artificial intelligence tools, artificial intelligence applications, robotics/production, autonomous agents, symbiotic application, bio-tech and quantum computing.

Columns for technology categories which are in common use now are on the left. As you move from left to right, the technology categories are increasingly experimental, still in research and development, or limited to academic of private institutions.

Within that matrix, 53 technologies are represented, including deep fakes, digital twins, 4D printing, brain computer interfaces, quantum computing and more.

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