Kordia bags 10-year Taitokerau Fibre Networks upgrade deal

Kordia bags 10-year Taitokerau Fibre Networks upgrade deal

Dense wavelength division multiplexing technology to deliver almost 50-times former capacity

Aaron Olphert (Kordia).

Aaron Olphert (Kordia).

Credit: Supplied

Iwi-owned fibre network operator Taitokerau Fibre Networks has selected Kordia to upgrade its connectivity between Auckland and Whangarei in a 10-year deal.

Kordia will implement carrier-grade dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) on Layer One operator Taitokerau’s fibre connecting the two cities, substantially boosting network capacity and boosting performance.

The equipment being introduced to the network has the potential to deliver up to 4Tbit/s of data between Auckland and Whangarei, almost 50 times the existing network capacity, Aaron Olphert, chief digital officer of Kordia, said.

“That’s a significant boost to the capability that can be enabled by other service providers and enterprise customers in and out of the Northland region through this investment," he said.

"DWDM technology substantially increases the carrying data capacity of fibre optic connections by using multiple distinct light carriers within the same physical piece of glass.”

Taitokerau Fibre Networks is a Layer One telecommunications provider that owns and operates a backhaul fibre optic cable in Northland that complements the government's Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB) and Rural Broadband Initiatives (RBI).

It is 80 per cent owned by three Iwi of Te Taitokerau (Te Rarawa, Ngati Whatua and Whaingaroa) and 20 per cent owned by Southpark Utilities.

Kordia operates an existing 9.6 Tbit/s capable DWDM network in all major centres between Auckland and Wellington. Under the new engagement, TFN's Whangarei network becomes an extension to Kordia’s existing DWDM network, enabling high-speed connectivity between the northern city and other North Island main centres.

June McCabe, TFN director, said the TFN network is backhaul dark fibre. Kordia is turning some of its latent capacity into "lit fibre" through the installation of the DWDM  so it can be used by customers in Northland, Auckland and beyond.

“The partnership is both strategic as it lends further credibility to TFN, and pragmatic as Kordia has the track record in providing and supporting these solutions," McCabe said.

Kordia will install the new equipment and manage it for 10 years.

“The partnership with Kordia is a step towards another level of sustainability for the business," McCabe said. "The company is known for delivering quality service for lit fibre and in time, we will look towards taking our backhaul cable further north.

"Our vision is to provide Northlanders with a backhaul connection that will improve network resilience and performance, while boosting the local economy."

Kordia will put the network boost into production on 1 June.

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