Government extends terms of cyber security advisors

Government extends terms of cyber security advisors

Board will provide advice to the Minister and CERT NZ on cyber security

Clare Curran (Labour)

Clare Curran (Labour)

The government has extended the terms of members of the CERT NZ Establishment Advisory Board by an additional six months.

Headed by Digital Media minister, Clare Curran, the board will continue to provide advice to the government and CERT NZ on cyber security issues.

“The combined expertise and experiences of the board members will provide key insights as CERT NZ continues to serve New Zealand’s cyber security needs both as they are occurring today, and into the future,” Curran said.

“Digital technologies provide new avenues for criminals and other states to gain advantage and cause harm here. Cyber threats are increasing in number and are becoming more and more sophisticated.”

Headed up by Michael Wallmannsberger, chief information security officer of Air New Zealand, other board members include Kendra Ross, co-founder and director of Duo, and David Eaton, associate director for cyber security at Datacom.

Other members include Sarah Burke, head of technology platforms at ANZ New Zealand; Jon Duffy, head of trust and safety at TradeMe and Adrian van Hest, national cyber leader at PwC, alongside Rick Shera; Paul McKitrick and Debbie Monahan.

“I’m pleased all existing Board members have agreed to stay on and advise CERT NZ as we work through the refresh of our cyber security action plan, which I announced recently,” Curran added.

As reported by Reseller News, Curran announced a refresh of New Zealand’s approach to cyber security in early April.

Specifically, the refresh will propose new actions to improve the nation’s cyber security, including possible recommendations in the areas of institutional cyber security arrangements; government information security and addressing cyber crime.

Other key areas of focus include cyber diplomacy, deterrence and [redacted]; opportunities in cyber industry, research and skills and the security challenges of emerging technology.

“Their expertise and insight will add value to the refresh and help protect the information and network systems that are vital to our economic growth, ensure the integrity and security of our increasingly digitalised government services and make sure Kiwis can interact online without suffering harm,” Curran added.

“The nine Board members have extensive careers in cyber security and related fields, in both the public and private sectors, and have been appointed for an additional term of six months, bringing their term to 24 months.”

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