UK-based tech refurbisher lays groundwork for NZ channel arrival

UK-based tech refurbisher lays groundwork for NZ channel arrival

Techbuyer specialises in buying used data centre equipment and selling new and refurbished IT parts

Chris Pooley - Group sales director, Techbuyer

Chris Pooley - Group sales director, Techbuyer

Techbuyer has unveiled plans to officially launch in the New Zealand channel by late 2018, with the UK-based technology refurbisher actively targeting Kiwi resellers.

Founded in 2005, Techbuyer specialises in buying used data centre equipment and selling new and refurbished IT parts, working with thousands of organisations across 83 countries globally.

From four facilities across the UK, Europe and the USA, the provider has a global inventory of over 225,000 IT parts, including vendors such as HP, Dell Technologies, Intel, IBM and Cisco.

Reseller News can reveal that expansion plans across Asia Pacific are now underway, with New Zealand set to act as a central hub for the business from September.

“We specialise in the buying, refurbishment and selling of servers, storage and networking,” Techbuyer group sales director, Chris Pooley, told Reseller News.

“We buy from and sell to brokers, resellers and end-users and have our own restoration systems in-house to refurbish the equipment. A lot of organisations do not know that equipment that has been upgraded can still be valuable.”

According to Pooley - who plans to relocate from the UK to New Zealand by September - Techbuyer offers a return on used equipment, before restoring the technology to its previous factory condition, ensuring all residual data is wiped completely.

“We then sell this equipment to secondary users at up to 80 per cent off the original sale price with extended warranties as standard and lifetime warranty on request,” Pooley explained. “This works because servers, storage and networking are quite modular in design.

“It’s relatively easy to build a very efficient system if you understand what it is going to be used for. We start by asking customers what they need the data centre for – how much of it is processes and how much is archiving, for example – and configure equipment that fits those needs.

“It’s a kind of product meets service model that suits the market given the skills gap in IT. A large percentage of our business comes selling to other resellers.”

Pooley said Techbuyer is currently engaging with a number of Kiwi resellers already, alongside further arrangements in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and Hong Kong.

“On the business side, we are bringing a refurbished offering at enterprise IT level, which is attractive to anyone and relatively new to the New Zealand market,” Pooley added.

“Budgets are getting tighter and people are looking for a smarter solution in the face of ever faster digitalisation. Given the fact that no one knows what the future holds, keeping flexible by buying the same product at a cheaper price in a no brainer.

From an environmental standpoint, Pooley said the introduction of Techbuyer will remove the need for the channel to “constantly rely on import and export”, offering the ability to recycle IT hardware internally through a local office.

“I think that could be a big plus for Kiwi businesses,” he added. “We want a presence in Asia Pacific and we want to start building on relationships with resellers within that market.

“We also see a gap in buying equipment back without having to ship to the US or UK warehouses – instead our own New Zealand warehouse.”

For Pooley, this move will enable Techbuyer to offer “better pricing” to buy equipment back, as well as meeting environmental requirements in the market.

“We believe in the value of re-use,” he added. “The amount of perfectly functional IT equipment that ends in landfill is unsustainable.

“We see the resale market as part of the solution for that. By buying back old equipment, restoring it, and repurposing it for other organisations, we are taking steps down a road where we waste less resource.”

With worldwide stock in excess of £3.5 million ($6.8 million), Pooley said Techbuyer supplies 99 per cent of shipments next day, alongside removing old equipment free of charge.

“We could receive an enquiry for a couple of servers and disk arrays, offer a quote within one hour maximum, test, configure, pack and ship out next day,” Pooley explained. “If it’s slightly more complex then we’d ship within 48 hours – you just don’t get that kind of speed in this industry, it’s rare.”

In New Zealand, Techbuyer will be working with a mix of resellers and end-users, although the business mainly specialising in working through the channel.

“We are very versatile and we are happy to work with anyone,” Pooley added. “Techbuyer is part of the IT cycle, and that is something that is really important to us as a company.

“Too much resource is wasted in the current climate, resource that could be put to good use with another organisation.”

At this stage, the business currently operates from offices in the UK, Germany and the USA, with Asia Pacific seen as natural expansion path for the organisation.

“We’re focusing on the European and US markets but also reaching out towards Asia Pacific,” Pooley added. “Having an office in New Zealand will help us develop existing relationships within the Asia Pacific region and develop new ones. It helps that Australia is next door also as we have a lot of customers there already.”

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