Top 4 vendors to watch in 2018, according to Kiwi partners

Top 4 vendors to watch in 2018, according to Kiwi partners

Blend of local and global technology solutions, spanning emerging and established vendors

Partners in New Zealand have unveiled the vendors expected to have a strong year in 2018, with Amazon Web Services, Black Pearl Network, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Nyriad tipped for success.

Following a quick-fire Reseller News poll, a blend of local and global technology solutions came out on top, spanning emerging and established vendors.

In the cloud, AWS leads the way, while HPE remains the vendor of choice in a Kiwi market edging towards a hybrid future.

Closer to home, Nyriad represents a viable alternative in the next-generation storage space, with Black Pearl continuing to break new ground through email and digital marketing.


First up is Nyriad, a global software technology company headquartered in Cambridge, New Zealand.

“Nyriad’s data compression technology effectively miniaturises big data,” Revera business development manager of emerging products, Daniel Fairbairn, told Reseller News. “Soon there’ll be no such thing as big data and the bottleneck will vanish.

“Nyriad’s technology breaks new ground, repurposing graphics cards, or processor units (GPUs), to store and manage massive amounts of data, quickly and at relatively low cost.”

As reported by Reseller NewsRevera has joined forces with Nyriad to drive blockchain adoption across New Zealand Government departments.

Terms of the partnership resulted in the creation of an offering capable of allowing agencies to manage sensitive data using blockchain digital ledger technology.

The pilot launched in December 2017 following three years of testing and development, allowing government organisations to test data sets using Nyriad’s real-time blockchain software platform delivered from Revera’s AoG-certified Homeland Cloud.

“Nyriad’s approach capitalises on the demise of RAID and forces the storage controller into retirement, bringing in the GPU to do its job, as well as doing its traditional job of providing compute,” Fairbairn added.

“GPUs on big systems spend most of their time on input / output operations. But with a GPU, once the data is inside the chip there’s no reason to move it. So when the GPU is butted with the storage array and the network, that’s the end of passing around data – making storage and processing virtually the same thing.”

Based in the Waikato region, Nyriad specialises in exa-scale computing in advanced data storage solutions for big data and high-performance computing.

In a bid to take advantage of a computer storage market worth an estimated US$50 billion annually, the vendor has released its first product, NSULATE.

“There shouldn’t be any reason why they can’t cope with demand – because they don’t make hardware,” Fairbairn said. “Rather, they license their software to original equipment makers who will embed Nyriad’s smarts into their own systems.”

Black Pearl Network

Maintaining the strong Kiwi theme is Black Pearl Network, an email provider driven from Phoenix, Arizona with offices in Wellington, New Zealand and Zurich, Switzerland.

Founded in 2012, the business is built on Microsoft Azure, with an expanding customer base that includes Westpac Bank in New Zealand.

“Black Pearl is positioned to take first mover rewards in the expansion of digital marketing into corporate email platforms,” McDonalds IT CEO, Tony McDonald, told Reseller News.

According to McDonald, there are “over a trillion” corporate emails sent by US businesses each year.

“Yet, despite being the biggest and most used form of business communication, daily corporate email has all but been excluded from the digital marketing revolution,” he added. “The reason email has been left behind is that, despite having common protocols, the display, delivery and data collation of daily business email are highly fractionated.

“This is the problem that Black Pearl has solved which finally unlocks this multi-billion dollar market, the conversion of which is the logical extension to the digital marketing revolution.”

McDonald said Black Pearl's technology has been developed out of New Zealand on the back of over a decade in email security, content filtering and cloud anti-spam experience.

“When augmented by Black Pearl a humble business email can be transmuted into true digital marketing nirvana,” McDonald added. “Not just through significant reach, repetition and click-thru rates.

“But more critically quality - precision insights and attributable outcomes are driven by a deep richness of metadata and interaction.”

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

With a new leader at the helm in Antonio Neri, HPE is betting the business on three core areas: culture, innovation and customers and partners.

From a channel perspective, partners can expect to get their hands on an even broader portfolio selection from the tech giant, with Neri also flagging plans for more acquisitions.

“HPE has been in the storage market for some time and in general, they have had a predictably line-up of solid products,” Black SANZ Technologies director, Rick Clement, told Reseller News. “But other vendors have offered alternatives through newer and more dynamics features, such as NetApp.

“That was until HPE started purchasing companies with leading edge technologies however.”

In looking back, Clement cited the past acquisitions of LeftHand Networks in 2008 and 3PAR in 2010 as fundamental to the future line-up of the tech giant.

Yet time, and technology, changes fast, with the recent purchases of Simplivity and Nimble Storage adding an extra dimension to the vendor.

“I believe Simplivity and Nimble Storage has placed HPE in a great position in storage, particularly in the hyper-converged market,” Clement added. “Added to the reliability and pedigree of the Proliant Servers, the added features of Simplivity in hyper-converged and Nimble Storage in smart analytics has helped cement HPE’s position as leaders in the market.

“The channel will wait to see if and how these technologies will be combined but even as standalone, HPE has a great story to tell.”

According to Clement, HPE is a “solid option” for customers of all shapes and sizes across the country, ranging from small business to enterprise.

“And if you back this up with a very strong channel in New Zealand, that is a good recipe for success,” Clement added. “HPE understands that resellers need to be profitable and they provide a very established support framework for both the channel and the customer.

“HPE has positioned themselves for further success which bodes well as customers in New Zealand are loyal and don’t like jumping ship from one vendor to another. If you add Aruba into the mix, then they have a winning offering.”


Rounding off the top vendors to watch in 2018 is AWS, the undisputed leader in the expanding public cloud market.

With innovation at the core, the global leader released almost 500 new services and features over 12 weeks amid continuing efforts to maintain its top spot in the market.

“AWS is well positioned to have a strong year in 2018,” Datacom general manager of sales and business development, Mark Ellis, told Reseller News. “I believe they will increase and widen a growing position in the market, similar to what Microsoft achieved in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

“Regardless of your opinion on the technology AWS providers, they are training a massive global technical community which includes engineers and developers,” Ellis explained. “They are all getting more access to AWS training and skills development, which is more than any other vendor in the market.

“Despite a global skills shortage, AWS expertise is quite easy to find.”

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