Liquid IT strikes first NZ deal with new cyber security venture

Liquid IT strikes first NZ deal with new cyber security venture

LMNTRIX was founded by Carlo Minassian, an entrepreneur with over 20 years of industry experience

Stathie Tzitziras (Liquid IT)

Stathie Tzitziras (Liquid IT)

Liquid IT has been appointed as the first partner of LMNTRIX in New Zealand, as the consultancy firm takes the cyber security venture to market across the country.

Launched in 2017, Sydney-based LMNTRIX was founded by Carlo Minassian, an entrepreneur with over 20 years of industry experience, having pioneered managed security service providers (MSSP) in Australia.

Minassian’s previous company, Earthwave, was sold to Dimension Data in 2013 in a deal worth “tens of millions”.

From a technology perspective, LMNTRIX operates as an adaptive threat response (ATR) platform, compromising of detection, response, deception, hunting, intelligence, reconnaissance and data.

As the vendor’s first Kiwi partner, Liquid IT will spearhead LMNTRIX’s presence in New Zealand, taking the ATR platform to market at a local level.

“New Zealand’s security industry is littered with ‘me-too’ players peddling discrete point solutions marketed as ‘silver bullets’,” Liquid IT director, Stathie Tzitziras, said.

“For too long, there’s been too much focus on the ‘prevent’ part of the security equation, an approach which has been shown to fail time and time again.”

According to Tzitziras, the “holistic approach” underpinning LMNTRIX’s ATR platform enables the vendor to “differentiate” in a market dominated by competitors focusing on just point or perimeter solutions.

“LMNTRIX provides an architecture with continuous monitoring across the entire enterprise in a cohesive manner, something which requires a shift in the Kiwi security mindset from ‘incident response’ to ‘continuous response’,” he explained.

Specifically, ATR operates as a validated threat detection and response platform, capable of "hunting down" advanced and unknown threats that "routinely bypass" traditional perimeter controls.

Tzitziras said that by combining advanced network and endpoint detection capabilities, deceptions everywhere and global threat intelligence feeds –  complemented by continuous monitoring – ATR "proactively hunts" attackers on networks and endpoints, as well as on the deep and dark web.

In particular, Liquid IT will focus on offering the ATR platform to government clients through its recent appointment to the New Zealand Government’s All of Government Telecommunications-as-a-Service (TaaS) panel for connectivity and managed security services, as reported by Reseller News.

“ATR architecture goes deep inside an environment and takes the approach that there’s already a compromise,” Tzitziras added.

“With the ability to not only find the adversary, but to actively pursue them and drive them out of the network, LMNTRIX turns the tables on attackers.

“With LMNTRIX underpinning our unique managed security services, government agencies can now consume cyber defence services that no other technology company in New Zealand can provide.”

Headquartered in Wellington, Liquid IT was formed by four IT professionals in 2015, providing expertise across cyber security, connectivity and government services.

“I’ve previously worked with Stathie and the other Liquid IT directors when we were all at Dimension Data, and I admired their deep understanding of the security industry and the challenges New Zealand’s organisations face,” LMNTRIX founder, Carlo Minassian, added.

“Liquid IT is the perfect partner for LMNTRIX, because we both see that the traditional log-based approaches to cyber security are failing, and that its time the advantages of false positives and alert fatigue were taken away from attackers.”

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