​From ad hoc to advanced… How cloud is slowly taking shape in A/NZ

​From ad hoc to advanced… How cloud is slowly taking shape in A/NZ

Businesses continue to gradually build cloud capabilities on both sides of the Tasman.

Organisations across Australia and New Zealand are slowly, but surely, entering advanced stages of cloud maturity, as the local market moves away from ad hoc deployments.

Representing an encouraging path of development for cloud-centric partners and vendors, businesses are gradually building capabilities on both sides of the Tasman, reflecting progression and potential in equal measure.

According to IDC research, the vast majority of A/NZ businesses (68.7 per cent) continue to be in the first two stages of maturity, classified as trying to understand how the use of cloud services can help achieve cost reduction and business agility while taking calculated risks.

However, local businesses reported a relatively lower percentage of respondents in the first two stages compared with its Asia Pacific (excluding Japan) (APEJ) counterparts (82.3 per cent).

Overall, the local market leads in cloud maturity in comparison with all its counterparts in APEJ, reporting the highest percentage of businesses in the advanced stages of maturity.

Though only 0.7 per cent of organisations have reached the optimised stage, “steady progression” is underway as local businesses mature in the cloud.

“The goal of IT organisations has been and will continue to be the provision policy-based access for users to the best IT resources available - whether those resources are developed in-house or sourced externally and best of breed - in order to drive business value,” IDC APeJ Vice President of Cloud Services, Chris Morris, said.

“Mastering operations in a 'multi-cloud' world requires gradual step changes up the maturity scale, but the outcomes - including greater agility, higher revenue, and better business responsiveness - will determine the losers and winners of the next 10 years.”

As explained by Morris, IDC research traces cloud computing across five stages, from the ad hoc stage to the optimised stage.

“To view the opportunities and challenges more clearly as IT moves through the various stages of cloud maturity, organisations need to understand the four critical dimensions – vision, people, process and technology,” he added.

From a local perspective, the technology dimension is the most lagging dimension and has the highest number of respondents in the ad hoc stage relative to all other dimensions while vision had the least number of respondents in the ad hoc stage.

“There are significant challenges to reaching the most optimised levels of cloud adoption,” IDC Senior Market Analyst of Cloud Services, Prabhitha Dcruz, added.

“These challenges require strategic discussions between organisation executives, business leaders, and their IT counterparts to fully understand the transformative potential that cloud can deliver - for both the business and the development and operations of the technology resources.

“Not surprisingly, only a small number of A/NZ organisations are leading the way to the transformational adoption of cloud today."

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