​Xero completes “significant” data migration onto AWS

​Xero completes “significant” data migration onto AWS

Over 59 billion records, more than 1.4 petabytes of data securely transitioned.

Duncan Ritchie - Chief Platform and Product Officer, Xero

Duncan Ritchie - Chief Platform and Product Officer, Xero

Xero has completed its transition to Amazon Web Services (AWS), marking one of the largest data migrations into the AWS cloud infrastructure environment across Australia and New Zealand.

With more than 862,000 subscribers globally, the cloud accounting provider recorded more than $1 trillion over 450 million ingoing and outgoing transactions in 12 months, signifying just how large the Xero data set has become.

The migration, which took just over two years to be architected and executed, saw more than 59 billion records, 3000 apps and 120 databases securely transitioned to the AWS platform.

Over that time, Xero added nearly half a million new customers, shipping thousands of product features and updates along the way.

"Our focus on completing a significant data migration to the AWS platform sets Xero up to deliver fast-paced innovation, leverage machine learning technology, improve margins, increase uptime and security and drive better business outcomes to help small businesses flourish,” Xero Chief Platform and Product Officer, Duncan Ritchie, said.

“It is a huge achievement to get through this massive transition. We expect all business software vendors to re-platform over the next few years so they too may take advantage of the commoditised innovation services in the larger public cloud platforms.”

Ritchie said the migration to AWS sets Xero up to "accelerate innovation and capitalise on machine learning", which Xero believes will redefine accounting in future years.

In addition, the smart application of machine learning technology enables Xero to leverage the more than 1.4 petabytes of data, which is the equivalent of about 60,000 Blu-Ray movies.

"Xero can leverage the considerable investment AWS has made in platform services to build and deploy software with shorter delivery timeframes,” Ritchie added.

“By using the on-demand computing power of AWS, Xero can release new software more rapidly, and experiment with these features in ways that were not possible on our older platform.”

Scale to a million customers

As Xero works towards its goal of reaching a million customers, Ritchie said the company needed to scale its platform globally to provide customers with a "fast, secure and easily accessible" cloud platform that can be accessed anytime, from any device connected to the internet.

"The move to AWS enables Xero to economically scale to meet the needs of potentially millions of customers,” he explained. "When you’re in the business of technological innovation, fast-paced future-thinking comes with the territory.

“As we move over to the AWS platform, and welcome its boundless computing power, we can experiment and iterate on our core product at pace.”

Ritchie said the evolution and expansion of cloud computing globally has enabled companies such as Xero to grow and go global from any part of the world, with the business now operating in 180 countries.

“Under the hood, we actually have an increasing number of services that work together to deliver a customer experience,” Ritchie added.

“A key driver of our decision to move to AWS was to move technology decisions down into the hands of small autonomous groups of developers, and to allow greater experimentation with technology, allowing Xero to solve customer problems faster.”

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