VMob rebrands to Plexure following strong US growth

VMob rebrands to Plexure following strong US growth

Microsoft Azure-focused partner rebrands to reflect strong market growth in America.

Scott Bradley - CEO, VMob

Scott Bradley - CEO, VMob

New Zealand listed technology company VMob is changing its name to Plexure Group, reflecting the Microsoft partner’s strong market growth in America.

According to the Auckland-based company, the rebrand will accommodate the “growing breadth of connected engagements” that it is providing to global customers such as McDonald’s, IKEA, 7-Eleven and Compass Group.

After advising the NZX of the change, once approved, VMob’s NZX ticker code will be PLX.

“The name we have settled on is Plexure, from the Latin plexus, which means the 'art of weaving together’,” explains Scott Bradley, CEO, VMob.

“This is precisely what we deliver to our customers who rely on us to keep them at the leading edge of consumer engagement.”

Bradley says the exponential growth in connected devices and connected consumers meant that retailers increasingly want to communicate tailored and personalised messages to customers through whatever digital channel or combination of channels is most effective.

“That is the expertise we offer to our clients and while our heritage is mobile, the breadth of engagements that are driving our new revenue includes Internet of Things devices, in-bar screens, RFID tags, beacons, even voice and facial recognition and much more,” he says.

“In the technology space, responsiveness to changing consumer needs and changing digital engagement is vital.

"For that reason our essential value proposition has evolved quite quickly to a much broader focus where we can engage with customers constantly, through a myriad of contact points, with individualised messages based on a wide range of contextual factors.

“We describe this as optimising transactions in the real world for businesses with physical locations.”

Bradley says customer feedback advised that VMob as the brand name for the future is “too limiting”, immediately implying that the company only operates as a mobile play.

“We don’t and we can’t,” he adds. “The US market is ahead of New Zealand and our brand must position us at the forefront of where the lead markets play.

"Our future is a brand and a proposition which reflects the commercial opportunity in the US market and enables us to maintain leadership of the thinking around individual customer engagement.”

In headlining Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2015 as a leading Azure-focused partner, Bradley says the company uses digital insights to optimise transactions in the real world for business with physical locations.

“In doing so, we have articulated what we do - optimise transactions, where we do it - in the real world and for whom we do it - business with physical locations,” he adds.

“To reinforce the sheer breadth of offer we looked for a brand name that could carry this promise with longevity and meaning.”

Bradley says the name change to Plexure will take effect on 22 July 2016, but this will be confirmed by NZX once the necessary approvals have been given.

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