​Apple Watch: How has the world reacted?

​Apple Watch: How has the world reacted?

"The Apple Watch is off to a great start, with high marks in satisfaction and a strong likelihood of recommending it to others."

Nearly half of all Apple Watch owners (46 percent) say they had previously planned on buying a health and fitness monitor but have put that purchase on hold or canceled it altogether now that they have an Apple Watch.

Another 16 percent say they’ve put on hold or canceled a traditional watch purchase.

Also, a striking 85 percent of Apple Watch owners say they wear their device on a daily basis, and another 11 percent several times a week.

Before purchasing the Apple Watch, more than two-thirds (69 percent) say they wore a traditional watch daily (61 percent) or several times a week (8 percent).

But since buying their Apple Watch, an overwhelming majority of owners who also have a traditional watch say the Apple Watch has replaced it (82 percent) – a clear sign of the negative impact it is having on the traditional watch market.

Other key findings from the survey include:

Apple Watch owners were asked how often they use various features and functionalities on their smart watch. Four-in-five (79 percent) say they use their Apple Watch for Health and Fitness Monitoring on a daily basis. Another 63 percent say they Send and Receive Text Messages, while 52 percent Check the Weather daily.

The survey found Lag Time When Scrolling or Refreshing (29 percent) is the top problem experienced by owners.

Issues with the Sensor (19 percent) – the focus of several media reports in the aftermath of the Apple Watch release – ranks second.

But when we asked Apple Watch owners about the extent of the sensor problem, just 4 percent characterize it as a Very Big Problem and 8 percent say it’s Somewhat of a Problem.

Fashion or Tech? A total of 61 percent consider their Apple Watch to be a Technology Device, but just 1 percent think it’s a Fashion Accessory.

At the same time, better than a third (36 percent) say Equally as Both.

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