​Apple Watch: How has the world reacted?

​Apple Watch: How has the world reacted?

"The Apple Watch is off to a great start, with high marks in satisfaction and a strong likelihood of recommending it to others."

Apple’s eagerly anticipated foray into the wearables market has been met with a “strong, position reaction”, according to a new findings from Apple Watch owners across the world.

“Our latest survey shows the Apple Watch is off to a great start, with high marks in satisfaction and a strong likelihood of recommending it to others,” says Andy Golub, Survey Research Director, 451 Research.

“The wide range of features on the device and its frequent usage among owners pose a clear threat to health and fitness monitors and traditional watches.”

The survey, conducted by 451 Research’s ChangeWave service, focused on overall satisfaction, key likes and dislikes, and the impact Apple Watch is having on other markets with a total of 145 Apple Watch owners participating.

Customer Satisfaction

Overall satisfaction ratings (87 percent) are very positive for the Apple Watch - with more than half (54 percent) of owners saying they’re Very Satisfied and 33 percent Somewhat Satisfied with their new device.

In terms of expectations, 28 percent of Apple Watch owners say their new smart watch Exceeds expectations and 51 percent say it Meets expectations.

When Apple Watch owners were asked whether they’d recommend their new device to a friend or colleague, a robust 83 percent say they’re Very (55 percent) or Somewhat Likely (28 percent) to do so.

Key Likes and Dislikes

When asking Apple Watch owners what they like best and dislike most about their device, of the Top Likes - notifications (49 percent) is the number one thing Apple Watch owners like best about their device.

This was followed by Health and Fitness Monitoring (41 percent) and Aesthetics/Design (30 percent).

Top Dislikes include a total of 37 percent of owners claiming that the Battery Life is Too Short, with 31 percent of dislikes focused around Reliance on the iPhone.

Other dislikes include Lack of Waterproofing (25 percent), Selection of Apps (17 percent) and Learning Curve (17 percent).

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