​Kiwi family cuts ties with Maclean Technology

​Kiwi family cuts ties with Maclean Technology

Allan and Chris Maclean will leave Maclean Technology at the end of this year, cutting ties with the family business that started in 1991.

Allan and Chris Maclean will leave Maclean Technology at the end of this year, cutting ties with the family business that started in 1991.

After selling the company to Noel Leeming Group in November 2013, Allan Maclean will officially end his association with the business he started with his wife in 1991, retiring from his role on December 1 aged 72-year-old.

“This brings to an end my association with the business my wife and I started in 1991, then formalised into Maclean Computing Ltd (with my brother, Kevin) in 1993,” Allan Maclean says.

“Other early pivotal moments in the company’s history were the crucial joining of Kent Poore and, much later, Chris (Maclean).

“For those of you who know our team, may I add my personal delight that Chris’ focus on hiring for “right fit” has been instrumental in delivering a great Employment Engagement Survey Score, and we will both be leaving with more than a little pride in that outcome.

“Obviously any such departure is bound to call into question the future for our team, and I have advised the team this morning to consider carefully and positively how great an opportunity remains for every individual to rise within an organisation of this size.”

Also leaving on December 1, Chris Maclean plans to take a “long-awaited break” with his family, taking the opportunity to carry out further “executive education” before considering his option in the new year.

Following the changes, Mark Burgess (currently Finance and Operations Manager for Maclean Technology) will be leading the business going forward.

“Although I’ve only been operationally involved for 8 years, the Maclean Technology business has been a hugely important part of my life for almost as long as I can remember,” Chris Maclean adds.

“We’ve had ups, downs and everything in between, but overall it’s been an awesome experience and something I’ve learned an extraordinary amount from.

“I’m going to miss the fantastic team we’ve developed, which is the best it’s ever been, and many of the customers, but the time is right to let it go and move on to a new adventure.

“I haven’t set any future plans in stone yet, but needless to say that after a decent break over the summer I’ll be looking forward to getting stuck into something I can get my teeth into.”

During the past two years, Chris Maclean says the company has had a “great run”, including building its cloud portfolio from scratch and achieving Customer Satisfaction scores that are 15 percent above the industry average and Employee Engagement scores in the mid-80’s.

“I’m really happy with where we’ve got the business to and am comfortable we’re handing it over in great shape,” Chris Maclean adds.

“It has been almost two years since we sold the Maclean Technology business to the Noel Leeming Group.

“This has proven a fantastic success for all those involved - customers have now got a partner that remains agile and responsive.

“But with big company credentials and the investment behind it to drive market-leading innovation; our team have had their employment opportunities grow and enjoyed access to more resources; our suppliers have been positively impacted by our growth under new ownership and we have personally enjoyed seeing the future of the business secured and with huge potential ahead of it.”

Upon selling the business, Chris Maclean personally made a two year commitment to Noel Leeming, with the concept of first focusing on the transition into being a group company, then repositioning the business for the future through the likes of building Cloud capability.

“We are proud of what we’ve achieved in this time, and we have been successful in both the transition and building new services to support the next phase,” Chris Maclean adds.

“We have achieved a huge amount in a relatively short space of time.”

According to Chris Maclean, Burgess is “exceptionally well qualified” to take on this role, having been deeply involved in the business for over six years.

“I am confident he’ll make the most of this excellent opportunity,” Chris Maclean adds.

“Mark has my full support for this change, and I will be spending the next three months in a consulting capacity helping him in any way I can to ensure it is a successful transition.”

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