“Infinite possibilities” as Samsung CEO outlines IoT roadmap

“Infinite possibilities” as Samsung CEO outlines IoT roadmap

“I know in my heart that neither one single company nor one industry alone can deliver the benefits of the Internet of Things.”

The President and CEO of Samsung Electronics, BK Yoon, has called for greater openness and collaboration across industries to unlock the infinite possibilities of the Internet of Things (IoT).

“The Internet of Things has the potential to transform our society, economy and how we live our lives,” said Yoon, when delivering the opening keynote speech at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

“It is our job to pull together — as an industry, and across different sectors — to make true on the promise of the Internet of Things.”

Yoon also emphasised that IoT must centre on people and fit into their lifestyles, claiming that the Internet of Things is not about ‘things.’

“Instead, it is about people,” he explained. “Each person is at the centre of their own technology universe, and the IoT universe will constantly adapt and change shape as people move through their world.”

As part of Samsung’s commitment to realising the IoT era, Yoon announced a timetable for making Samsung technology IoT-enabled.

By 2017, all Samsung televisions will be IoT devices, and in five years all Samsung hardware will be IoT-ready, further accelerating the expansion of IoT devices available in the market while also emphasising the importance of developers in building IoT.

Expanding IoT Devices and Components

In the IoT era, Yoon claimed that sensors have become even more advanced and precise, and key components have become ever more compact and highly energy efficient.

For example, Samsung is developing a new three-dimensional range sensor that can detect the tiniest movements. The company is also working on chips, such as the embedded package on package (ePOP) and the Bio-Processor, which are energy-efficient and compact enough to go into a wide range of devices, especially wearables and mobile devices.

“Expanding the devices in the IoT ecosystem and the components that power them is the first step in fulfilling the promise of the Internet of Things,” Yoon added.

“Samsung already has a broad range of IoT devices. Last year, Samsung delivered more than 665 million products, and this number is set to increase.

“We have already begun to unlock the value hidden in connected devices and all the everyday objects around us.”

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