All Kiwis want for Christmas is a fast reliable IT system

All Kiwis want for Christmas is a fast reliable IT system

That’s the message from Kiwi workers to their employers based on newly released research.

"All I want for Christmas is a fast reliable IT system..."

That’s the message from Kiwi workers to their employers based on newly released research.

In the digitally dominated world, workers across New Zealand, and around the globe, are far more concerned about IT issues than they are about workplace location, signalling a change of priorities.

That's according to the Regus Global Business Survey, incorporating both New Zealand and global businesses, which found that when it comes to an ideal workplace, 82 per cent of companies surveyed rated fast and reliable IT services at the top of the list, while a prestigious location is much less of a concern (19 per cent).

Nick Bradshaw, Country Manager for Regus New Zealand, says the survey reflects the fact that reliable IT is hugely important to business.

“How often are you frustrated by slow or poorly operating IT and web connections?” Bradshaw asks.

“Obviously there is a link to a lack of productivity as a result of such hassles, which affects the bottom line of the business. Poorly functioning or inadequate IT infrastructure also has a significant impact in the morale of the workforce.

“Just think about how many times you or a colleague has endured seemingly endless frustration because of IT dramas. Combined with the reduced productivity, it has a huge effect on business.”

According to the Regus survey, a smart look (63 per cent), and professional front desk management (55 per cent) are also key features of the ideal workplace.

Fewer than half of the respondents however were worried about proximity to transport links (40 per cent), car parking (48 per cent), or nearness to home (23 per cent).

“The results on proximity to transport and car parking were something of a surprise,” Bradshaw adds.

“Previous research that we have seen has indicated that these are real concerns."

Yet safety is a concern when it comes to location, with 67% wanting a location that guarantees the safety of their belongings.

But just a fifth of respondents value being close to other firms in their industry or sector and a mere 9% favoured being located near firms of a smaller size.

Bradshaw says it is more likely that the increasing availability of technology and the trend of shared work spaces are allowing employees to work comfortably and efficiently from an array of locations, resulting in a reduction in the emphasis placed on location in the survey.

“Certainly, with five locations across New Zealand," he explains, "we have found the business for our shared work spaces has increased dramatically in recent years and that coincides with the lower level of concern about workplace location in the latest survey.

“Shared spaces allow our clients to come in to a Regus facility and work whenever they want, and at whichever Regus location they want across Auckland and Wellington – which leads to factors such as location becoming less important because the employee can work when and where is convenient.”

Bradshaw says shared working environments can help provide both efficient IT and an appealing office space which are the keys to the ideal workplace.

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