Consumption of cloud for storage set to increase: Commvault

Consumption of cloud for storage set to increase: Commvault

Cory Grant, country manager for NZ at Commvault says that companies with a cloud committment are looking to consume it, and more of them will tap into it for storage.

A large number of New Zealand based end-users, who already have a cloud commitment, are looking for ways to use it.

According to Cory Grant, country manager for NZ at Commvault, “At least half the meetings that I go to, customers already have an Azure commitment. Now how they consume that is their challenge. Usually the commitment has been garnered as part of their licensing agreement with Microsoft, and the question now is how they consume it. Some users utilise it for development work. That is great. But then how do you use it for things like storage? We are seeing more and more of those discussions with our customers.”

Commitment does not translate to consumption all the time, though vendors and partners are working with customers to help them tap into the value that the cloud can provide them.

“It is a bit of a journey. Some of them have jumped on and said ok we have got this commitment, now how do we use it. Others are working on a journey of lifecycle management of hardware and infrastructure, and moving through what they are going to do with it, and the ways they can tap into the cloud.

"More and more will look to and consume storage in the cloud. It may take a bit more time to ramp up to full storage and backup in the cloud,” said Grant.

As customers desire to hold and retrieve data through longer periods of time, the cloud can offer them value, but it is important to put the right data in the cloud.

“From a data management perspective, it is important to store the right information in the cloud. Some companies get this and some don’t. The important thing to remember is that the data you want to put into the cloud is the one that is key to the firm. Again Commvault has some great processes and services that we can use to identify the important data vs the unimportant data,” says Grant.

According to him, the company is in the process of adding partners in the country, and some of the new and old platinum partners will be taken to the vendor’s bootcamp in Sydney that is set to take place soon.

“We have got a big camp coming up in Sydney for platinum partners. Our team will be going along and getting trained at the same time as these partners. They will all be learning about the latest release. With that we cut the lag that happens if we learn it by ourselves and then train the partners here. It is one of the measures to ensure that our partners are on track. That is very important,” says Grant.

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The company recently introduced a software-based licencing model last month, aimed at enterprises with hyper visors.

“The response from the market has been great. We are changing the conversations and saying now you can do backups at a software level and get charged for a software approach. That creates a lot of value and a path to easily consume Commvault solutions,” says Grant.

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