Is drawing next for Livescribe?

Is drawing next for Livescribe?

Digital pen manufacturer sees further opportunities in digitisation of data in the enterprise.

Having established itself in the digital writing space, drawing could be the next frontier for Livescribe.

A/NZ manager, Mark Parker, said the digital pen is already used by engineers, and a common request is about drawings being converted into an editable digital format.

“The software that does the handwriting conversion is developed by a French company called MyScript [formerly known as Vision Objects],” he said.

“They actually have a lot of good technology around converting drawings.”

The problem for Livescribe lies in applying that enterprise-level software into a compact consumer product.

“The MyScript software that sits behind the scenes has that native capability, but MyScript is still working on fine-tuning on how that works within a mobile device,” Parker said.

Beyond art

In response to the gap in the in the digital drawing market, Adobe announced its Ink and Slide accessories in June.

Parker admits there is “a lot of logic” in what Adobe is doing, though only foresees them capturing a niche market.

For the time being, Livescribe is interested in innovating in “what people are doing with notes,” and how the vendor can continue to deliver capability and functionality to enhance the note-taking experience.

“What we’ll see down the track is, particularly moving to Bluetooth and mobile devices, is a lot of the innovation coming from how people further interact with what they are doing on their tablet,” Parker said.

In the business space, there is already a booming market for enterprise-focused apps, such as board minutes to be securely delivered to tablets within public companies.

“When a board member takes notes in a meeting, the question lies in how to interact with those minutes being delivered securely to tablets,” Parker said.

Patrick Budmar covers consumer and enterprise technology breaking news for IDG Communications. Follow Patrick on Twitter at @patrick_budmar.

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