BYOD has evolved to Bring-Your-Own-Other-Device: Webroot

BYOD has evolved to Bring-Your-Own-Other-Device: Webroot

Security vendor also finds the majority of users rely on security already bundled with mobile devices.

BYOD is now more than just BYOD, according to Webroot, according to worldwide consumer and SMB sales VP, David Bennett, who said the mobile environment has evolved to being about Bring-Your-Own-Other-Device (BYOOD).

“When you look back at six months ago, it was all about BYOD and the challenges it is creating,” he said.

“Now it’s less about a singular device, as people have secondary phones, tablets, and it becomes how to control devices that are not part of your company’s infrastructure or network.”

Bennett adds people are changing devices more frequently than they did with a typical PC refresh in an IT environment.

“That is going to drive a lot of challenges from the security side, because as an IT manager you want to ensure everything that is accessed from your network is secure,” he said.

Today’s workforce is bringing one or more personally owned devices, and Bennett said there is still a fine line between a device connecting to the network having controls, yet at the same time remaining a personal device when leaving the office.

“Ensuring that is challenging, particularly if someone is refreshing a mobile every six months,” he said.

With safety in mind

Security is a growing concern in the mobile space, with a Webroot survey, Fixing the Disconnect Between Employer and Employee for BYOD, finding 70 per cent of employee devices only have the security installed when it was purchased.

Bennett said the PC space differs from the mobile one in that users naturally assume they need security.

“When you go and buy a mobile device, people still aren’t in that same mindset where they realise they do the same things on their phone as they do on their PC and need security,” he said.

Bennett admits there is still a “big disconnect with education” for both users and businesses.

“While some people are taking security measures, it is still not to the level as on PC,” he said.

As more IT departments are realising what level of security is needed on mobile devices, Bennett expects a “big change” in mindset to take place over the next 12 months.

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