HP makes Big Data bigger

HP makes Big Data bigger

Vertica Dragline platform offers new tech and analytic features

HP Vertica Dragline is the latest release from the Hewlett Packard (HP) Big Data Vertica analytics platform.

The hardware vendor said the new platform addresses concerns from Big Data users who struggle to take advantage of the value provided by the platform.

The firm cited personalised access, performance demands and workload management challenges as limitations to users attempting to get the most from big data solutions.

HP said this affects users ranging from analysts that search for ad-hoc insights, to data scientists who manage complex analytics and executives who need customised views.

HP Vertica vice-president and general manager, Colin Mahony, said the company aimed to maximise the value of every organisation’s most valuable asset, data.

“HP Vertica Dragline lets organisations store data in a cost-optimised manner, exploring it quickly and effectively using well-known SQL-based tools, and, most importantly, providing the customer insights and operational advantages to everyone with blazing-fast speed, accuracy and security.”

HP said its Vertica Dragline service addresses these challenges and offers features such as technology from the firm’s Project Maverick, including live lookups that enhance speed and performance of frequent of highly concurrent queries.

The firm said its Dynamic Workload Management identifies and adapts to varying query complexities and assigns the appropriate amount of resources to meet the needs of data consumers.

The system also offers expanded structured query language (SQL) on Hardoop exploration and cost optimised storage. HP said this eliminated the need to move data and supports even more formats for exploration. They included Parquet, Thrift, Avro and CEF. According to HP, businesses can now ingest, explore and visualise more data quickly and easily with a choice of Business Intelligence/data visualisation environments.

The firm said organisations can now use multiple storage tiers in a cost-effective manner, without moving the data or using any connectors.

Hp touted its broad, specialised analytics and said the new system includes new sentiment analysis engine for tweets or any short pieces of freeform text as well as geospatial analytic enhancements.

The vendor said that by combining sentiment and location data with business data, organisations can quickly understand how their online communities feel about a particular brand, product or service.

The text search option enables search-based analytics on a range of text data, including machine logs and sentiment analysis of short text, such as tweets or product reviews.

Hp said Vertica Dragline will be available soon but has not yet announced a release date.

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