Tablet boom reinvented notebook PCs: Kensington

Tablet boom reinvented notebook PCs: Kensington

Accessory manufacturer also sees the line between notebooks and tablets blurring

The portability of tablets has driven notebook PC manufacturers to re-evaluate their products, according to Kensington.

Marketing and business development manager, Sam Goldstein, said Ultrabooks and Chromebooks are examples of this trend.

Although there is continued innovation in the tablet space, Goldstein said the touch enabled devices are mostly limited to consumption of content.

“We’re not in any serious danger of seeing the end of notebooks,” he said.

Kensington manufactures accessories for both notebooks and tablets, with Goldstein seeing healthy demand in both device segments.

“This come down to consumption versus creation, where consumers are largely consumption focused and the enterprise is largely creation based,” he said.

Changing office dynamics

As for how the portable computing environment may be evolving, Goldstein said a convergence of the two groups is taking place.

“Consumers are increasingly using their home tech in a work environment and vice versa, as we’ve seen with the boom in BYOD and flexible working,” he said.

“It drives both consumers and enterprise to invent new ways to use their devices so that they work across both home and work.”

Office trends such as hot-desking and flexible working are also influencing the choice of devices and they way they are used.

“This will also drive people to use their devices differently, and plays back into the enterprise and consumer inventing new ways to use different devices to suit a more flexible lifestyle,” Goldstein said

Patrick Budmar covers consumer and enterprise technology breaking news for IDG Communications. Follow Patrick on Twitter at @patrick_budmar.

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