Startup takes aim at document management

Startup takes aim at document management

FRAMINGHAM (11/05/2003) - Startup PSS Systems Inc. this week unveiled its first product: software aimed at helping companies track and secure documents that are distributed inside and outside of corporate boundaries.

PSS1 is designed to replace manual and ad hoc record management and retention procedures. The software lets companies centrally create, manage and enforce a range of policies for all documents, including copies on partner systems, home PCs, and removable or back-up media.

Having centrally managed rules takes the onus off individual users to know and implement policies, says Gary Kinghorn, director of marketing at PSS. With PSS1, companies can retroactively apply policy changes to existing documents. Auditing capabilities let users track events, such as unauthorized attempts to access a document or record policy changes.

The product sits on a central server that acts as a hub for centralized policy definition, including user and group definitions Local servers act as a data cache for policy rules, keys, certificates and user information; these servers also support client applications that handle individual document transactions. Access control policies are attached to individual electronic documents - and travel with those documents.

Companies can integrate PSS with an existing Lightweight Directory Access Protocol-compliant corporate directory or Microsoft Active Directory to simplify managing users' privileges, Kinghorn says.

PSS competes with conventional content management vendors such as Documentum and FileNet. It also will compete with infrastructure vendors such as IBM, which recently introduced bundles of hardware, software and services for helping companies comply with regulatory requirements for data archival, retrieval and disposal.

PSS is focused initially on companies with high document sensitivity and regulatory compliance requirements, such as those in government, financial services, insurance and life sciences industries. PSS1 costs about US$40,000 for 100 users.

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