New government procurement rules come into effect

New government procurement rules come into effect

A new set of government procurement rules that make it easier to compete for government contracts come into effect today.

The new rules replace 44 different pieces of legislation, Cabinet directives and miscellaneous guidance released by a multitude of government agencies over many years.

They are the culmination of a major reform programme the government launched in 2009 to introduce a more user-friendly procurement policy.

The emphasis will shift from who can deliver the lowest upfront costs to who can deliver the best value for money and other direct financial benefits over the life of a contract.

“By... making the tendering process consistent across the public service, we expect to make our procurement business more accessible to smaller local firms who previously may have been discouraged by the process,” Economic Development Minister Stephen Joyce said in April when announcing the changes.

The new procurement rules will apply to all Public Service departments, the New Zealand Police and the Defence Force. Other State Sector agencies and the broader Public Service will also be encouraged to adopt them.

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