Commvault to test NZ waters for global channel program

Commvault to test NZ waters for global channel program

The company hopes to increase the training portion of its revenues, and replicate the program by April 2014 in North America and Eastern Europe, based on the success it achieves in this market.

Commvault, the data and information management solutions vendor, is all set to launch the prototype of a channel program in New Zealand in October this year.

According to Robert Brower, VP, global customer support and services at Commvault, the company will will look to replicate the program across the rest of the world, based on the success that it achieves in this market.

“Think of it more as a franchisee operation than a straight-forward partner deal. This program will look to address the training needs of our customers in a more comprehensive manner. As part of this, Melbourned-based ITTC will be moving into the New Zealand market and setting up base. They will then be providing consultative services to existing and potential customers on how to better address their training needs,” says Brower.

Resellers traditionally have been keen on transacting the software-part of the business, and do not focus much on the training end of the deal. However, if the customer is unable to have the solution working at optimum due to a lack of training, the entire integrity of the deal comes into question and the customer is unlikely to deal with the particular reseller or Commvault again, points out Brower.

“ITTC will look to address this gap by evangelising training aspects to customers. Please note, they will not be selling any software or services. They won’t be providing any of the training activities themselves. They will be providing a consultative service to help customers derisk their investments and achieve better ROI. By way of that, resellers can have better client interactions, which will increase their ability to resell to them,” states Brower.

According to Commvault, ITTC will not look to charge for the consultative services, and will make its revenues off distributing the company’s solutions in the New Zealand market. This will not affect the company’s existing distribution agreement with IngramMicro.

“ITTC will be working off a comprehensive database of our customers and will also reach out to facilitate introductions to our channel partners. We will continue to work in the background, and when training needs are identified these will be delivered by either Commvault directly or contracted providers, as the situation demands,” states Brower.

Commvault hopes to increase the training portion of its revenues through this new program. Metrics for assessing the program have already been established, and there will be quarterly reviews to track its acceptance in the market. If all goes well, Commvault will look to replicate the model by April 2014 in North America and Eastern Europe.

The company’s existing partner network will remain untouched while the prototype program runs. However, Brower hints that expansion is on the cards and the company will look to grow its network in 2014.

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