iPad 5 rumour rollup for the week ending August 28

iPad 5 rumour rollup for the week ending August 28

How to we put in nicely ... confusion, lots of confusion

Still more photographs purporting to show exteriors of the Apple iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 were posted this week. But they only underlined how little the iOSphere actually knows about the Next iPads.

In fact there's really only three things: that the big iPad will look like the small iPad; the small iPad will have the big iPad's retina display; and that the Apple tablets will have new processors.

The new front iPad 5 front panel photos and the new iPad mini 2 rear housing photos only "confirm" one of those.

Also this week: the thrill of knowing that the Next iPads will be announced on the same day as the Next iPhones was short-lived; the iPad 5 as a "kind of enlarged iPad mini" creates a dilemma and conundrum for one blogger.

You read it here second.


"This is a [front] panel  we have seen before from a different source, which actually reinforces the fact this is probably a legitimate front panel. It also confirms that Apple is indeed moving [with iPad 5] to match the slimmer bezel already seen on the iPad mini."~ Matthew Humphries,, explaining how unsourced and unverified photos reinforce and confirm "facts" that are, in fact, only still-unsubstantiated rumors. __________

iPad 5 front panel photos reveal, yes, thinner sides for the front frame or bezel

Australian Sonny Dickson this week posted new photographs that allegedly show a white iPad 5 front panel the "picture frame" that surrounds the actual 9.7-inch (diagonal) display.

The main noticeable difference which has been rumored for most of 2013 -- is the narrower sides of the frame, or bezel. That difference means the face of the iPad 5 mimics the proportions of the iPad mini's face.

[IPHONEYS:The iPhone 6 & iPhone 5S edition]

Dickson doesn't say where or how he receives the images, so there's no way to evaluate their provenance. Matthew Humphries at was happy to fill in the blank with logic-defying reasoning.

"This is a [front] panel we have seen before from a different source, which actually reinforces the fact this is probably a legitimate front panel," Humphries says, even though there's no way to know that it's a panel previously seen from a different source. The best one can say is that the front panel in Dickson's photos looks similar to the panel seen in other unsourced and unverified photos.

Humphries goes on to say, "It also confirms that Apple is indeed moving to match the slimmer bezel already seen on the iPad mini." But an unverified photo, by definition, cannot confirm anything. It simply matches the widely held expectation that Apple will give the iPad a narrower, and perhaps thinner, body.

And for some, that will create a dilemma....

iPad 5 will be a "kind of enlarged iPad mini, complete with tiny side bezels"

CultOfMac's Charlie Sorrel is convinced that the next full-sized iPad really won't be full-sized. It will be a "thinner, smaller iPad 5 a kind of enlarged iPad mini, complete with tiny side bezels."

Perhaps Apple will call it the iPad mini maxi.

"Which might create a dilemma," Sorrel writes.

"You see, like many folks I have all but ditched my large iPad for the mini," Sorrel reveals, without giving any details about just how many folks have taken this step. "...[B]ut the mini is so just so damn convenient I choose it over the big version every time."

"But what if the iPad 5 is small enough to compete with the mini?" he asks. In that case, "The whole choice comes down to screen size."

Here are the current dimensions: iPad 4th gen iPad miniHeight 9.5 inches 7.87 inchesWidth 7.31 5.3Depth 0.37 0.28Weight 1.44 pounds 0.68 pounds

But the overall dimensions of both iPad models are determined to a large degree by the dimensions of their display panels. Here are the approximate dimensions of the large iPad's active screen where you actually see stuff in portrait mode:Height 7.75 inchesWidth 5.75Diagonal 9.75

If Apple uses a 0.25 inch border/frame/bezel on the sides of iPad 5 (0.5 inches total), the overall width would be about 6.25 inches, or roughly one inch less wide than the current iPad, and roughly one inch wider than current iPad mini. If the height remains unchanged, the iPad is still about two inches longer than the mini.

Sorrel's "dilemma" seems a bit overstated. The iPad mini has been a popular tablet, as the comments about his own experience with it make clear. Dan Frommer, in his recent post, "300 Days With The iPad Mini," says he's using the mini every day but the 2010 full-sized iPad hardly at all.

"I don't miss the extra screen size of a big iPad, and probably won't buy another one," Frommer says. "I would be tempted by an even-smaller iPhone-iPad hybrid. It's unlikely an iPad will replace my laptop for work stuff any time soon -- I still use way too many apps at a time, most of which aren't properly available for iOS -- so I'll keep my tablet small, even if there's a bigger iPad on the market with "mini"-like thinness and weight characteristics."

That doesn't sound like a "choice between equally undesirable alternatives." It sounds like a...choice.

iPad 5 to be released September 10, with new iPhones...oh, sorry, wrong rumor

The iOSphere was thrown into a tizzy when MacRumors' Eric Slivka noticed a detail mentioned in passing in a Bloomberg story about Apple's plan to open its first Tokyo retail store.

"Buried in an article about Apple's upcoming Tokyo retail store, Bloomberg briefly mentions that Apple's Sept. 10 media event will see the introduction of not only new iPhone models, but also new iPads," Slivka wrote in his post.

Slivka was right, but it turns out Bloomberg was wrong. The current version of the Bloomberg post drops the "tablet" reference, without noting the change.

Then longtime Apple watcher Jim Dalrymple, at TheLoop, gave his judgment of the iPhone + iPad September 10 cornucopia: "Nope. No iPads."

Slivka dutifully added another update to his post: "Update 3: The Loop's Jim Dalrymple has confirmed that there will be no iPads introduced at Apple's September 10 iPhone media event."

That's one way of phrasing it.

iPad mini 2 will still have an aluminum rear housing

It's been a busy week for Australia's Sonny Dickson. Besides the previously mentioned iPad 5 front panel, he also posted images purporting to be the iPad mini 2's rear housing.

As you can see from this photo, assuming it's not actually the rear housing of an existing iPad mini, the next iPad mini will also have an aluminum rear housing, shaped just like the current mini's rear housing.

BGR's Zach Epstein was just thrilled. "Retina iPad mini housing leaks in huge photo gallery" was the headline to his post.

"The case looks a lot like the current-generation iPad mini housing of course, though there are some subtle differences," he wrote. Apparently they were so subtle that he didn't bother to mention them. "But no one will care about the new tablet's case when it launches -- all eyes will instead be fixed on the tiny tablet's new Retina display."

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