Explore the TARDIS via this amazing Doctor Who Google Maps easter egg

Explore the TARDIS via this amazing Doctor Who Google Maps easter egg

Ah, Google Developers, never get too busy to keep adding in things like this.

The inside of the TARDIS

The inside of the TARDIS

In addition to a famously wide array of perks, Google employees have been given a fairly wide berth to create Easter Eggs and other (occasionally needlessly intricate) pranks for their suite of Web tools. And in that proud tradition of digital Tom Foolery, comes this very cool Doctor Who-themed Easter Egg quietly hiding in Google Maps.

If you take Google Streetview for a ride down Earl's Court Road in London, you will come across a Police Telephone Box with a double arrow pointing to it. The box is real; it's been in Earl's Court for years. Click on through and you will find yourself inside an exquisitely detailed explorable panorama of the good Doctor's TARDIS including control panel.

Don't ever change, bored Google developers!


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