It's steady as she goes at Westcon NZ

It's steady as she goes at Westcon NZ

Distie taking three-pronged approach to market

Westcon's Dave Rosenberg

Westcon's Dave Rosenberg

In a changing ICT sector, Weston Group New Zealand managing director, Dave Rosenberg, advises not to wait for possible changes in the market but to work with what is there.

Characterising the current state of play as a steady as she goes type of environment, Rosenberg foresees brighter days ahead, and claims NZ is leading the way through the Cloud.

“There is a shift for businesses to move towards some form of Infrastructure-as-a-Service [IaaS],” he said.

“Whether you call it Cloud or call it managed services, or Desktop-as-a-Service, public or private Cloud, there is a big shift and New Zealand seems to be leading the way.

He noted the government was already moving in that direction.

Rosenberg said Desktop-as-a-Service is also due to come into its own as a business option.

“I think it’s taken a long time. It’s all in the end strategy. It’s not necessarily going to replace, and it’s not going to be the fix for everybody," he said.

"Some people are still going to want to control their desktops and some people will want full or partial control of their infrastructure. However, from a distribution perspective the way in which people buy may change but the infrastructure still needs to go in. They just may not own it.”

Rosenberg said resellers are now defining their place in the market. “The mid-market reseller tends to specialise in certain segments and areas. The larger resellers do what they do best and that’s provide services.”

Rosenberg said there’s no way to predict how things will pan out for the reseller who is trying to choose a direction. “Resellers know their strengths and weaknesses and opportunities better than I do. My approach is to listen to them and to see what they’re looking to achieve and then fit our business into how we can help them.”

He said Westcon is taking what he calls a three-pronged approach to its offerings. “One: Our strategy is that we’re certainly doing more with our partners rather than less. Two: we’re seeing a lot of those partners have a strategy in managed services and Cloud, Finally, we have a strategy to look at if a product makes sense to what we’re trying to achieve and if it does then we will add it to our portfolio.

“We have a very strong greenhouse business which is purely there to incubate new technologies to market. And that’s part of our heritage; we’ve been very strong in that space traditionally.”

Rosenberg said the market is always changing because that was the nature of the business. “It’s about the channel understanding their place in that market and the resellers working out where their opportunities and strengths are and distribution ensuring that we’re the glue in the middle.

“It’s steady as she goes at the moment. We’ve got some growth strategies that we’re working on. But I think there are a lot of new opportunities in the market and it’s just a matter of where we want to play in those opportunities.

"There are pockets of success out there. Quite often you’ve got to have multiple strategies in mind like when you run a race, you don’t just have one strategy,” he said.

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