Open Value hailed a success by ED

Open Value hailed a success by ED

OPEN Licence Value has been cited a success by Microsoft distributor Express Data. The company is managing the processes around the scheme through its online transaction system, IT Agent.

“The whole Open Value story has been a tremendous success for New Zealand. And Express Data had five orders for open value licensing on the first day it was introduced,” ED sales manager Paul Plester says.

“It was better than anywhere else in the world. Nobody else in the world even managed one order on the first day it was distributed,” he claims.

Launched on February 2, the Open Licence Value scheme saw the software giant’s authorised licence providers, distributors Tech Pacific and Express Data, bill customers directly.

As an inhouse project by its IT team, Express Data set up and registered IT Agent to handle the invoicing to operate in Australia and New Zealand. “We have IT Agent operating, which is a web-based quoting tool that has built-in process control for how things have to be done according to Microsoft and IT Agent does deliver quotes to end users.

“They have to be registered with Microsoft. IT Agent has perhaps taken some of the pain out of some of the paperwork associated with such a new concept such as Open Value,” Plester says.

He says between 200 to 300 Microsoft Software Advisors (MSAs) have been signed up and of those 20 to 30 are actively quoting Open Value via IT Agent.

“We’re working closely with them across the board with regard to Open Value. We are quoting via IT Agent and things like that and because it’s new we’re sort of hand holding a lot of the time, so we’re perhaps guilty of doing a bit too much for our resellers. We’re still in the training phase of that,” he adds.

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