Axon, Unisys deal reaps rewards

Axon, Unisys deal reaps rewards

THE first-time agreement between Auckland-based integrator Axon and multinational service provider Unisys has reaped benefits for both organisations.

Axon was taken on last October to manage and host Unisys’ online procurement service called Uonline. Since then, the number of users visiting the site (and using its services) has doubled, according to Simon Goode, Axon northern region sales manager.

“People are using the website more to transact procurement business,” he says, adding that Axon has employed two more people to work on the Uonline help centre team.

“Unisys New Zealand has a number of outsourcing arrangements with their customers which means they want the ability to provide product to their customers. What they’ve done is created the brand — Uonline — and have outsourced that brand (the logistics of that brand) to Axon.”

Axon hosts the website, which provides customers with services such as pricing, access to ETAs for orders and information on availability, according to Goode. “We also have a call centre. This allows their customers to phone an 0800 number and we answer the phone as Uonline ... They can also place orders by phone or email as well as entering orders via the website,” he says. Axon also handles invoicing and credit collection.

Besides scoring the contract, Axon’s arrangement with both Unisys and another Axon partner in a similar agreement (which Goode would not name) means improved buying power. “From a cost perspective this is a large buying group and now Axon, the other customer, and Unisys has a buying power that has increased, so collectively we all get better deals.”

Unisys’ Lucy Cobb echoes this, stating that Axon has brought a considerable amount to the table — more so than she expected.

Prior to Axon coming on board, Conduit was Unisys’ outsourcer. “The key thing is we have a very different type of contract with Axon — Conduit was there to host and supply for us but with Axon we’re looking for the technical helpdesk and software … I have to say, I totally underestimated the value of the software side of the services they [have brought] to us. I underestimated how valuable that was to our customers.”

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