C/Land sales chief leaves after short stint

C/Land sales chief leaves after short stint

COMPUTERLAND sales boss Lawrence Russell has felt the effect of the saying “two into one won’t go” and left the company after seven months.

Despite being “head hunted” a relatively short time ago, Russell finished at Computerland on Tuesday last week and on Monday started in a sales role with Aftermail, a six-month old Wellington company that manages email use and storage.

The integrator has merged Russell’s Wellington-based role with John Hanna’s director of enterprise systems job and made the former Solnet man the new sales and marketing director.

This means all of Computerland’s directors, including Peter Revell’s services job, are in Auckland, where chief executive Chris Mackay and finance manager Ross Jenkins are based.

Mackay says it is pointless having separate sales directors for enterprise and Intel-based systems because the two platforms overlap.

He says comments from channel sources to Reseller News that Hanna and Russell clashed, and that the company’s Sun business has not met expectations since Hanna arrived from Solnet in August are untrue, and not reasons for the role merger. “There was no tension between any of the executives. We took [Russell and Hanna] on at similar time frames. It made more sense to bring the roles into one. [And] we haven’t done any Sun bids at zero margin.”

But Mackay confirms that none of Hanna’s former colleagues at Solnet, which went into liquidation in February, have joined Computerland since Hanna arrived. Most of them went to supplier Sun or Eagle.

Russell, who left Fujitsu to replace Paul Morrison at Computerland in August, says there was “no animosity” over last week’s departure and Computerland is a potential customer of his new employer. “Absolutely, I’ve already discussed it with them. I parted with Computerland on good terms . [Aftermail] was one of those things that came up.”

Meanwhile, Mackay says Computerland made a profit for the year ending December 31, 2003, but would not say how much. The result breaks a run of three losses.

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