HP - new boss, new company

HP - new boss, new company

HEWLETT-Packard has re-drawn the lines of its organisation chart in a bid to project a more simple and united front to customers and resellers.

The restructure sees three sales and marketing units, each assigned to an end user market, backed up by two units of mainly product, service and technical specialists.

But the new structure is not an upheaval for the channel, HP says.

The change, effective from May 1, follows the announcement last month of Keith Watson as new managing director.

He heads up the customer solutions group, which is responsible for enterprise organisations — those with 100 or more users. The other two “customer facing” units are personal systems, lead by Donna Fyfe and aligned to customers with up to 100 users, and Jennifer Rutherford’s unchanged imaging and printing unit, which is concerned with home users.

In terms of the support outfits, former services boss and acting managing director Simon Tong is in charge of the technical services group — formerly enterprise services — and Wellington-based Brent Kendrick heads up the channel-focused solutions partner organisation.

Fyfe, who’s personal systems group will oversee most of the channel business, says the new structure is designed to increase sales and be simpler than before. “It’s really about getting customer focus. That’s what it’s all about.”

The new structure is not a big change, she says.

“The channel will have the same people looking after them. They’re incredibly important to us. Hopefully they will find it positive.”

Axon chief executive Matt Kenealy says HP’s re-drawn lines are a good move. “They have consolidated their marketing and sales effort so that they are not driven around manufacturing and product groups. But it does seem a little anomalous that the global organisation is structured around products rather than around customers.”

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