Suppliers power prayer wheel

Suppliers power prayer wheel

HOW MANY resellers and distributors can say they are making a major contribution to world peace and global harmony?

Total Records Management of East Tamaki and Infinity Solutions can, according to the beliefs of a client in west Auckland. The suppliers are helping build what’s claimed to be the world’s most powerful prayer wheel for Avondale’s Dorje Chang Institute.

Their role in the creation of the the 2.5m, four-tonne wheel is the supply of kilometres of microfilm on which 2500 billion mantras will eventually be recorded. To believers, the spinning of a prayer wheel has the same effect as reading the mantras contained in it, so the more mantras it holds, the more powerful its effect.

The largest prayer wheels in Tibet or Mongolia contain just 10 million mantras. But by using 16mm microfilm, the Dorje Chang Institute has modernised an ancient practice by scanning a single mantra written by the 14th Dalai Lama on his 1996 New Zealand tour, reducing it in size, and duplicating it billions of times.

Institute resource manager Anne-Marie Bright says the idea of using microfilm came from overseas. The institute consulted the Yellow Pages to find a supplier, and came across Total Records Management, whose film production manager, Nigel Lindsay, has done much of the project work. Total Records Management combined with Kodak document imaging products distributor Infinity to calculate the amount of microfilm needed, its cost and to confirm the viability of using microfilm as the best way of maximising the wheel’s praying power.

Infinity account manager Jason Diack says it is his company’s most unusual account and one that could last several years as the institute raises the money to pay for the film it needs. So far $40,000 has been spent on film for 25 billion mantras, but the goal is to store 100 times that number at a cost of about $2 million.

“Because it takes so much money to fill the wheel, how long it takes to complete the project depends on people’s generosity,” Bright says.

“Everybody who puts money in, who turns the wheel, releases energy. In the US and Australia similar wheels have really changed the atmosphere. People have become more harmonious,” Bright says.

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