McAfee pushes security tool to resellers

McAfee pushes security tool to resellers

McAfee is staging a series of seminars across New Zealand to educate resellers about its recently launched Partner Security Service (PSS).

The service, based on the vendor’s longstanding ASAP reporting tool, helps resellers provide small businesses with security monitoring and maintenance services.

McAfee Asia-Pacific managing director, Allan Bell, says the vendor decided to let its resellers use the ASAP product (soon to be renamed Managed Service) for outsourced security services.

PSS uses a web-based console to let resellers view all of a customer’s networks and security set-ups using a single dashboard. Perth-based ISP, Your ISP, will provide the network operations centre for Australia and New Zealand.

Bell says small businesses do not have the skill or the time to secure their systems, leaving them vulnerable to viruses and other threats.

“Resellers can see if users are up to date with patches or whether they are vulnerable to a virus attack because they do not have the latest Microsoft upgrade. They can also see the version of the operating system,” he says.

McAfee says many resellers are currently deploying, or soon will be deploying, Microsoft XP version 2 and resellers will be able to see whether customers have deployed it properly on all its systems.

Bell says 40 resellers in New Zealand have signed up to run PSS, compared with 80 in Australia. These resellers range from small cornerstore resellers to national reseller chains.

To boost numbers further, McAfee is also offering offering 20 free licenses for ASAP to each reseller who joins the PSS program.

New Zealand, with its greater predominance of small businesses, Bell explains, presents a greater opportunity for PSS here, since it is aimed at small firms with around ten users.

Furthermore, Kiwi resellers also seem more inclined to ensure that their customers are better taken care of.

“As a side issue, PSS provides other revenue opportunities for resellers, including consultancy and upgrades,” Bell added.

The New Zealand seminars begin in Auckland on Tuesday September 14, followed by Wellington the next day, ending in Christchurch on Friday September 17.

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