EMC manages centre of the universe

EMC manages centre of the universe

THERE may be no way to persuade people not to store most of their information in their inbox, but there are ways to manage the storage of this data, says EMC.

According to the storage vendor’s Sydney-based product manager Clive Gold, the email application has become the centre of people’s universe, and since this is unlikely to change, resellers need to help their customers implement strategies to effectively manage this information.

“This is the reality - people store most of their data in their email and companies have to work with that,” says Gold who outlined the vendor’s information life cycle management approach to storage at the Datastor Forum, held in Wellington and Auckland last week.

According to Gold, good business opportunities exist for resellers to help customers, and SMBs in particular, straining under increa-singly heavier loads of information.

“They are struggling under an incredible growth in information, and are battling with back up and restoring. Email, for example, is growing by 50% a year,” he says.

One of the biggest opportunities in storage for resellers is splitting storage and servers, says Gold.

“A lot of education is needed for custo-mers to stop focusing on purchase price and more on total cost,” he says, adding most companies that are using servers as storage devices are not using the machines to their full capacity.

As an alternative, EMC has recently released a new entry-level CLARiiON AX100 networked storage device that incorporates up to 12 Serial ATA (Advanced Technology Attachment) drives.

“These are high capacity and low cost drives, that give customers the benefit of tiered storage,” he says.

EMC also provides information management software that allows companies to implement an information life cycle ma-nagement strategy, based on the principle that information has different values at different times of its life cycle and should be stored on a storage layer that matches the need to access the data.

Gold says EMC’s tools enable administrators to set policies that automate this process allowing the most crucial information at any given time to be stored on the most highly available and reliable layer, while older data is stored in descending order on less expensive and less robust layers.

“The software is easy to use and transparent to the user. For instance people can still access information in their email, while the data is stored at the appropriate layer on the storage network based on the company’s policies,” he says.

Resellers can help companies implement these policies, adds Gold.

Meanwhile, EMC marketing director for Australia and New Zealand Jordan Reizes says the Datastor event was the first major opportunity for the company to present its offerings to the local channel since it appointed the distributor as its sole local representative in August.

Reizes expects to announce the first major wins under the arrangement in coming weeks, saying the companies have been focusing [on] settling into their fresh relationship.

“Our first priority was training and [we] have trained 22 technicians in New Zealand — nine at Datastor and the rest in the channel,” he says.

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